Monomachine only album out now. | The Laurel Canyon Monomachine Sessions


Some studies I recorded while staying in Laurel Canyon LA for work.
I just brought my mono so I could go even deeper into it.
Everything performed on a SFX-60 MK2 and recorded straight from the stereo outs.
No overdub.


Super, super rad. There are some very devout MnM fans here who will greatly appreciate this and will want to pick your brain… Let me start actually :stuck_out_tongue:

You say you exploit its multitimbrality? Do you just mean the regular use of the six different tracks? Or is this some feature I’m unaware of?

I assume one of the Ens machines is making the chord pad on this first track? Swave or Digi? What FX are you using on it and how do you have it routed?


Hey thanks!
Yes it’s only mono tracks. No polymode.
There is some heavy use of routing groups.
Pads in the first tracks are swave ens with several lfo stuff going on: delay and detuning to achieve a free additional chorus, for sure. If I recall correctly: a bitcrusher lfo with different speeds on every track to give that crunchy feel and a very intricated DYN pattern as a master track/mastering layer.


Hope this helps: here you can get a better view on the voice arrangement just by looking at the mutes I’m using


Really enjoying this.


Some sweet Monomachine love in this !

:elmm:’s not dead !!

Really enjoy this sound, hence :beers:


I sold my MnM a while ago and I’m regretting it a lot. But one thing I can’t remember because I never used it (and never use it on the A4 either) is does it have the transpose function? I think that’s what you’re using in a few of the song transitions rather than changing patterns?


You can transpose tracks/patterns, yes.


Nice. At work now, so just writing in here to remind myself to listen to this later. :slight_smile:


Really great job! Enjoyed this a lot


Like finalform said you definitely can. Moreover: you can set a note and a scale too!


Brilliant use of the monomachine. Such an amazing machine


Really cool release! Thanks for sharing … :elmm: :black_heart: :elmm:


I really can’t find a true end to its possibilities. The more I go deeper the more I ditch other hardware. I feel that interface plus software (3lfo per track + routing options/groups) and hardware (massive amount of physical I/O -> PEDALS <3 ) flexibility really compensate for some lacking aspects in the sound engines which absolutely exist, of course. Hard to grasp in the very beginning, sounds like a broken toy in the hand of a beginner (its main issue, in the social network era), endless fun and super stylish sound palette if you get deep. Tried a lot of the new stuff out there and while I certainy like a lot of cool toys out there if I had to buy a new synth would be another mono, no doubts.


This is a semi/generative drone I did as a soundtrack to an exhibition (the mono itself was on display as part of the exhibition - you can spot my mono a 3:33). Mono + Bigsky on outputs EF processing robotic arm brushless motors (captured and amplified in realtime with contact mics) while plotting generative illustrations.

Creative freedom. :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree. Like all elektron machines. Patience gets rewards, love the routing and lfos modulation opportunities this machine as. This and my octatrack are my fav two hardware machines. With a couple of effects units( eventide h9 and mod duo) its endless


Yeah.ive seen all your youtube them. Very inspiring, I’ve only had my monomachine 3months so still it just before the autechre sysex was didn’t jump on the bandwagon :grin:, the reason I got one was from your videos and lems live you tube from years ago


hah! thankssss.
Very glad to know It was my fault, also :slight_smile:


Love the first two tracks, will be enjoying a complete first listen this evening on my way to work.

I’ve had the MDUW for 2.5 years now and I’m hoping to get a synth counterpart sometime soon. I keep looking at all thats out there, blofeld looks great, love the new Radikal Tech. Delta Cep A. But I think I just have to pick up the Monomachine, might have to wait for a good one to grab but it will be well worth it in the end.

Thanks for this great example of what it can do/ sound like.


“Paradroid” is great. (Nice '80s videogame reference too.)

Actually, the whole thing is great. Nice work!