Monomachine only album out now. | The Laurel Canyon Monomachine Sessions


Some damn nice tunes duder! I’ve checked your stuff before, and you really make me want to shell out for a MnM. The only thing is that I’m spoiled by the new screens from the Digi and MK2 products. If Elektron ever decided to bring back the MnM reborned with a new screen and goodies, I would buy it day one.


Really loving the key changes, getting a Disasterpeace meets Boards of Canada vibe so it fits right in with the tunes I’ve been listening to on repeat for years. Well done.


I still absolutely love this album, it’s extremely enjoyable! Thank you @BUROMASCHINEN !


For the musically illiterate (me), can you give an example of a track and time on the album where you are listening and are like “ah, key change…” I can hear chord changes but past that… i’m lost. Thanks to you (or anyone else who cares to chime in).


1:14, 1:43, 2:27, etc in Laurel Canyon Raccoon would be examples of that, also 0:47, 2:19 etc in Jaywalker (and other places).

The transpose function on the Monomachine is very powerful for making those sorts of key changes and @BUROMASCHINEN is a master of it.


Thanks! I shall study up.


Very nice work.


Thanks :slight_smile: