Monomachine Love Thread


Sends and receives just doesn’t record directly into the sequencer.


That good, eh?


I bought a SY22 recently for a bargain price, because it had several broken keys (which I replaced) and a busted line out circuit (gonna fix that but the headphone out works fine). It’s a great synth, but I can’t get past just making ridiculously spacey pads with it. Still, for that it’s really great. I need to boot up my old XP laptop though and get one of the editors going so I can see how deep that 2-op FM goes :smiley:


I was a skeptic when it was announced, but it’s really become central to me now. Otherwise digital sources I love like Reaktor and the MM have taken on a whole new dimension when heated.


I had managed to push it far in my GAS list, stuck behind impossible goals so that my wallet was safe…
This one is on heat again now !!!


Waking this puppy up to chime in on custom digi waves. The first couple of times I tried to upload some it wouldn’t upload and i gave up. They would just write the top wave and it looked like I would have to send them one by one, which wasn’t going to happen. My MNM went largely unused because I never warmed up to the sound but felt like there must be more I could do.

Encouraged by all the love on this thread I downloaded and renamed 64 random single cycle wave forms from Adventure Kid.

To get c6 to send them I upped the time in the configure screen to 1500 (that’s a big number) then made sure to select all and press the digiwave button before sending them. Finally, they all sent and the sound difference is amazing.

Plocking a cross fade between the wave forms is super expressive. You can route note value to wave form, which is cool, and the overall sound is way more modern.

So, thanks mnm love thread!


I’m gonna have to reattain those Adventure Kid waveforms and load them in! Thanks for the idea!


C’mon just do it, you know you want to


Oh yes I do.
But I’ll have -500€/month starting next month to get more time w/ my kids… I have a feeling GAS won’t last long ^^

Spent some time with the Mono alone yesterday… There is no such thing as too many LFOs !!!


How did you get them playing in C? The AK waves are tuned to D…


There’s an alternative pack somewhere, someone retuned them to C and reuploaded.


The search begins. I love my MnM btw… just want to add to the thread. Personal faves are the SID Arp mode going from single notes to arpeggiated notes in a single track. And the SRR… I just love the crunchy sound it gives to the BBox, I prefer it to the RYTM’s BRR.

A friend of mine wants in on the MnM but the prices are going up pretty quickly. Yikes!


out of interest, how does the Immortals pack of waveforms sound like?


Like this:


whoa. loved it immediately and the fabulousness just kept on coming. cheers for the link action :slight_smile:


It’s free. Grab it.


can someone explain to my how the resonance works with the mm? im thinking its just the hpq dialed up mixed with a base and width turned to around 9 o clock? does lpq effect resonancy? I noticed the more resonancy seems to lead to a thinner sound? if anyone has some good tips with what they do to get shimmering tones let me know!


Check page 30 of the manual, there’s a useful diagram to explain it.

The MM filter uses a base frequency value and a width value, and by combining those you can make it effectively a low pass, high pass, or band pass filter. You therefore have two resonance values, LPQ (where the upper filter cutoff is) and HPQ (where the lower cutoff is).

Key tracking of the filters is on by default on the MM, you can turn it off in the kit > assign settings.


Ok, I put my words in this thread cause I’m a MnM lover.
Since few months, my favorites tricks are those :

1/ I empower the sound of the unit by using it as a two timbre machine. Very often I do this :

  • part 1 a sound generator routed CD to part 2 Chorus and part 3 reverb.
  • part 4 a sound generator routed EF to part 5 Chorus and 6 Reverb or Dynamics and reverb.

Nothing very original, lot a people here practice this. Very lovely sounds with that and a numerous quantity of ways to module and sculpt the sound.

2/ I use my Pyramid to empower the Elektron silver sequencer and bring to it new abilities. So the combinaison of the two sequencers gives the MnM a real unique power and geatly reinforce the live capacities. I can have a mix between the loop and the continuous (over 4 bars limit) part.
Zillion brings also great way of creating parallel melodies (I mean melodies wich are nearly identical but never the same).

A great machine, I really love the FM flavors.


[quote=“finalform, post:98, topic:5322, full:true”]Key tracking of the filters is on by default on the MM, you can turn it off in the kit > assign settings.

I’ve said it many times before on this forum, but I keep keytracking on 90% of the time, at least HP filter tracking, with the BASE set at around 8 or 16 (or sometimes as low as 4), and HPQ set to a point where it begins to fatten up the low end a bit. It results in a really nice warm sound that I’m surprised isn’t discussed here very often. Even if I’m turning off the LP tracking (e.g. for FM) I’ll keep the HP on with the aforementioned settings just to give the sounds a bit more bass. Sounds really great when you start running it a little hot through an effects machine like the chorus, good stuff!