Monomachine Love Thread

At most, I think you’ll be able to load 1 sound pack as a sound pack takes up an entire package. I think the MK2 enabled you to load wave forms but the + drive opens up having multiple snapshots and extended storage for wave forms


Ah right that makes sense

I wasn’t successful C6ing the midi out of my liquid saffire the last time I tried, but I want to give another go trying to load those soundpacks into my MnM to open up some ideas for sweet, sweet MnM sound crafting. I love that machine(MDUW+ is still my favorite), trading my AR for an A4 later this week. Gonna be getting some good electron sound poems going VERY soon(I’ll come back for you RYTM…)

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would love to hear this (Digi Pro Ensemble machine + Immortal waves + Strymon Big Sky Magneto + Analog Heat random LFO to dry/wet and filter cutoff )

OK, just had to recreate it! Uploaded a little example here.


Awww. It’s my one year anniversary with :elmm:! (and just over a year for the :elmd:). Totally transformative instruments for me.

Seems fitting that I spent Valentine’s night curled up with the Monomachine, working on some new kits and patterns. Finally did my first deliberately layered sound (trig assignment? grouping?) as I’ve been fighting a strange case of Yamaha TG-33 envy.


thanks for the re-creation! enjoyed it.

Still my favorite Elektron machine !

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Oh boy these new waveforms are brain meltingly brilliant! So much better than the stock ones, randomly scrolling through yields some insane possibilities.

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deeply beautiful chords from the chord machines on the Mnm started the love affair and the B-Box continued the passion

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Got my mono recently and i love it. do you happen to know how to make a good fm bell? im pretty close but cant get it like that classic 80s tone.

Ok - this is UNBELIEVABLY cool but I have no idea how it happened…

I just acquired a Cirklon, which is amazing, but I was skeptical about how I could integrate it into my dark trinity plus Monomachine setup. So I landed on the Analog keys being the master keyboard, routed through the Octatrack through the Cirklon then to the Monomachine. Somehow, when using the Octatrack in midi mode, the cross fader actually manipulated the Monomachine tone VIA MIDI into incredibly beautiful glitchy madness.

But I thought the crossfader didn’t send midi data?

Anyway, I now have the power of the octatrack sequencer raised to the power of cirklon…

And a new universe was created.


It’s beautiful !

I love Heat on reverb, I had always thought it would give bad results, don’t know why…
Now I feel like I really need one :smiley:

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The OT crossfader sends out one CC (#46 IIRC, but it’s been over a year since I’ve had an OT…consult the manual), so that’s probably what’s going on there.

Speaking of using the MNM with another sequencer, I’ve been having a great time this week exploring the pairing of the Mono with the Squarp Pyramid. Programmed a few tracks on the Pyramid with all of its sequencing tricks and midi FX overcomes all the shortcomings I’ve found with the Mono, and you can still program all sorts of trigs/p-locks on the MNM (including notes, of course…I accidentally recorded part of a Pyramid sequence into the MNM last night that resulted in a happy accident, as it creates further variation in my sequence and turns into some real glitch madness when you fire some Pyramid sequencing to MNM tracks already playing a sequence). The best part of all of this tho is using a dedicated track for automating the auto channel on the Mono (channel 9 by default), as it gives you something like the CTRL-AL functionality of the Machinedrum.


I haven’t tried getting a “classic FM bell”. My use of FM tends more towards the Autechre range of things. Even my Volca FM custom sounds tend to be a bit on the wild side.

I watched a few videos about FM synthesis a few months back and they helped me tame the Monomachine a little bit as I understood the impact of ratios and operators a bit better. But I tend towards the long evolving metallic FM on the Monomachine.

For the record, I lost that fight and added a TG-33 to my arsenal last night :slight_smile:

Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be able to hear the digital-trinity + TG-33 all together.

Whoa :-0

The Heat has really reinvigorated the MM for me.

Sends and receives just doesn’t record directly into the sequencer.