Monomachine Love Thread

sysex and kit or it didn’t happen! ha


I will see what I can do! I don’t have a TM-1 but any generic midi to usb will do hopefully.

holy god, that was fantastic.

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But 3 weeks thats crazy talk

Oh man. I finally took a deeper play with the different FM engines in the box. I was a fool to sell this thing previously. Holy jeez! Good stuff! Good Good Good!


How did he get 16 steps on the arp?!

Just go to arp mode and turn level button iirc

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Awesome! Thanks!

Alrighty, as promised i’ve got some high vibes to share!

Pattern + Kit sysex


nicely done, sir

[quote=“jshell, post:37, topic:5322, full:true”]And I think I’m all cool and clever until I see someone really put the machine to use singing 80’s J-Pop songs like this

oh man, everything about the programming this song is genius. The bass tone is sickeningly accurate, and the lead and chords are so well programmed that I don’t know whether I want to laugh at how amazing it is, or cry at not having the patience to write something like that on the monomachine!

I remember when I originally got mine, my initial intention was to use it to write the same kind of prog-synth music that I write in a tracker, and use song mode. Almost two years later, I still haven’t even touched song mode, and I’ve only made a handful of finished tracks with it—and they’re nowhere near as proggy as my tracker music.
I think I’m going to refuse any gig offers for the rest of the year, just so I can spend a good amount of time with the monomachine (and machinedrum!)… I have two project ideas for it—the first being minimalist tech/experimental stuff, and the other being FM percussion for an oceanic ambient album I want to create (think the Aquatic Ambience music from Donkey Kong Country mixed with 80s Shadows and Tangerine Dream)… anyway that’ll probably all change at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

So powerful! Capable of sweet gentle sounds and also wild crazy dark sounds. Both results sound as though that’s what it was made for :open_mouth:

I highly recommend checking out that guy’s Youtube channel. It’s soooooo good!


Omg moon over Marin :broken_heart:

Thanks for the link!!

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Digi Pro Ensemble machine + Immortal waves + Strymon Big Sky Magneto + Analog Heat random LFO to dry/wet and filter cutoff to create heavenly, ever-shifting dub techno chords was my moment of clarity with :elmm:

Agreed on those DigiPRO bank packs from Elektron. Both Oxford and Immortal. I’m getting some of my dream chord sounds out of the :elmm: now with those, as well as good bass lines.


Yeah those packs are a big improvement on the factory waves.

I’m not too satisfied with the Oxford pack—too many waves that I can’t really use; I should try making my own or try the Immortal pack. Do any other packs exist? I have the AKWF waves but there are so many of them that I can’t even think of what I’d like to use, haha.

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Can I load the immortal waves without a +drive?

Not as far as I know because the Digibanks are stored in the +Drive