Monomachine Love Thread


Nice that you got back your org mono.
Enjoy it and keep it until the end of time.

I’ve had my machinedrum back once, an mk1
And my machinedrum mk2 come back twice
But it’s that probably becuase ive sold various machinedrums like 13 times or so - I’m still the world record holder :weary:
Unless someone can prove otherwise


haha holy shit

I’ve never bought something again that I’ve previously sold… though I’ve come close with both the Circuit and OP-1. I still have some desire to get an OP-1 again, as really nothing beats it for chucking a quick loop together…


I just discovered Step Record mode. Dang - how did I miss that? Love!!

(Rec + Stop)


there is a Arpeggiator too, in the case you don’t know it.


I saw this drum eurorack module on superbooth youtube. First thought : let’s replicate the architecture on the monomachine. This is what I did:
machine 1: GND NOIS to bus cd
machine2,3,4,5: FX Thru , input from cd to ef
machine6: input from bus ef to ab

Machine 2345 have only filter and volume envelopes (from the envelopes or single shot lfo’s) . High hat track has plocks for the open high hat. By just fooling around with the machine 1 settings things can go bezirk. Here is a recording that starts with the single sounds, the total pattern and then stepping through amp,filter and effects. Between the edit pages the machine is reset. Especially the delay/feedback is awesome for getting ringmod like mayhem. Enjoy:



I initially planned to compose my stuff using the monomachine (all in one) and replace the “machines” with dedicated synths (sh-2 for bass, juno-60 for pads, machinedrum etc…) but I ended up keeping all the monomachine tracks as is :grinning:


guys!!! stop doing it. This threat makes me want to get MNM back!!!:rofl::sunglasses::rage:


Why did you sell it? Really thinking about getting one. I supposenit could be a great companion to my DN for more bleeps and bloops.


Sometimes you dont have a choice.

Check out my setup. Youll notice there was a eurorack. Now there isnt. Now i have some rent money.



I did sell MD +MNM combo back in the days to fund other gear. Got MD back last month, now thinking of getting MNM, these two got character, love their digital sound:sunglasses:


Yeah, yeah, yeah. But keep in mind that your current setup rocks. If I had all the gear you still have plus two months rent left over I would be posting smiling face emoji’s all over the web.


Fair enough…but that stuff is gonna be on sale soon too. Trying not to…but not looking good.

[fuck SF rents]


wow… dude. Why not move somewhere else then?


This is awesome! This activated my GAS big time. So when buying a used one what do I habe to look for? I suppose MKii and +drive, right?


i dont understand why you rent for such horrorble prices. For all the money you can buy gear and keep it. They are expensive fuckers!


Involved story. Totally stuck at the moment. Moving would be a mistake right now.

All purchased before the shit hit the fan. Notice the gear is thinning. Im trying to hold on to some gear. But its going fast.

I had a sick job for 20 years. Now i cant get hired.
I was simply trying to make a point to that vacant question of why would you sell a piece of gear. There are MANY reasons. Shit happens…thats out of our hands. You cant know.
What ive sold so far…(makes me ill)

Expert Sleepers - ES-6mk2
Erogenous Tones - Levit8
Q-Bit Electronix - Nano Rand
Steady State Fate - Ultra Random Analog
4MS - Dual Looping Delay
4ms - Quad Clock Distributor
4ms - Pingable Envelope Generator
4ms - RCD V2
4ms - Breakout V1.1
4ms - SCM V2
4ms - Breakout V2
4ms - Row Power
4ms - Row Power
Erica Synths - MIDI to Clock V2
Mordax - Data
Ladik - M215
Dave Smith - Curtis Filter
Dave Jones - O’Tool+
Make Noise - Telharmonic
Make Noise - MMG
Make Noise - Rosie
Make Noise - Wogglebug
Make Noise - Rene
Make Noise - ModDemix
Make Noise - Mysteron
Make Noise - Tempi
Make Noise - Erbe-Verb
Make Noise - Echophon
Make Noise - Mult
MOOG - Mother 32 - Patchblocks
Intellijel - Shapeshifter
Intellijel - Atlantis
Intellijel - Korgasmatron II
Intellijel - Metropolis
Intellijel - uVCAII
Intellijel - Buff Mult
Tip-Top Audio - Z-DSP
Erica Synths - Pico EG
Mutable Instruments - Grids
Mutable Instruments - Braids
Mutable Instruments - Streams
Mutable Instruments - Peaks
Epoch Modular - Benjolin
Doepfer - A-192-2
Pittsburgh - Oscillator
Pittsburgh - MIDI2
Pittsburgh - Modulator
Pittsburgh - MixMult
Sputnik - Quad Function & Trigger Source
Sputnik - Selector
Rossum Electro-Music - Control Forge
Rossum Electro-Music - Morpheus

Elektron - Octatrack
Mackie 1642VLZ4
AKAI - S1000
Aphex - 204
Arturia - MicroBrute
Arturia - Beatstep Pro
Novation - SLK25 MKII
Roland - DP6
Roland - Juno Alpha 1
Roland - Juno 106
Roland - VP9000
Korg - MS2000
Korg - Kontrol 49
Korg - Electribe ES-1
MOOG 104hp rack
MOOG 104hp rack
DBX - 266XL compressor
Pittsburgh - Move 208 eurorack case
Pittsburgh - Move 208 eurorack case
Pittsburgh - Cell 48 case
Native Instruments - Maschine Studio
Mackie - HR626 monitors
Mackie - VLZpro 1202
Steinberg - Midex8


on a trip across country for a week right now and i’ve had dreams about playing the MNM the last two nights!


this is so sad… you seem to have reasons though I‘d never do that. What job did you lose if I may ask?


haha, sorry for your GAS !

when buying a used one, use the “Test mode”, this way you can check every button and knob easily. I didn’t know that when I bought my Machinedrum and there was a failing encoder I didn’t notice

Test mode : old the [FUNCTION] key while powering up the Monomachine, then first [TRIG] key

then for which model of Monomachine, I have both mk1 and mk2, as long as it’s in good shape it’s a good buy. the mk2 has more DigiPro machines available. sometimes I wish I had the +drive to upload more waveforms… so yeah, mk2 +drive :+1:


Don’t sweat it mate, gear comes and goes, you can always buy it back. Having your personal life, health and happiness in order is way more important.