Monomachine Love Thread


It’s the two year anniversary of Monomachine coming into my life! I was hunting and hunting for a decent price on a used :elmm: when suddenly The Great Silver Box Price Drop was announced. I was lucky and managed to get one of the ones that had been sitting on back shelves. They were sold out everywhere pretty quickly!

The Monomachine is one of very few pieces of gear that I’ve named (Sylvia!). She was my second Elektron box after having gotten a Machinedrum about a month or so previous and being immediately smitten. I’m up to five Elektron boxes over that two year span, and Monomachine is still my favorite.


You should take Syvlia out for a nice dinner to celebrate…
Dress her up nice, table for two at a fancy restaurant, get her some wine, talk sweet nothings into the inputs and don’t worry about the people staring at you funny… :smile:


Buy her a dick malibu dress


No! Silver forever! That’s why she’s Sylvia!

Maybe if I could dress my my A4 like a Monomachine, it and I might be better friends. :wink:


“Man-machine potential”

Music by TheTrackdriver:


This is just amazing! I have seriously underestimated my MnM.


Back from elektron JP. New outputs an +drive!!!


i have the mkii with +drive and i’ve had all the models before it…i have to say tho, i rarely use the +drive. it’s nice to slowly fill it up, but other than that, i don’t actively use it.


I found I fill it up too quickly when writing tracks. I wanted to keep them in the machine so I’ve got the option to play them out. Could never do that before


yah, it is easy to fil’r to the brim now :slight_smile:


I love the +drive in :elmm:. It just makes it easier to do… everything.

I could take the sloppy work from the first album I used it on and copy and paste certain patterns and kits into a dedicated “live” project that put things in a memorable order and adjust them for live performance.

I could experiment with using a project for a single song and use short (16 steps or less) patterns to make a long song where I could more easily jump around between patterns (since MM has no ‘direct jump’) and also use parameter locks more heavily with less fear of “out of p-lock memory” popping up.

I could load in some of the sound patterns and kits available from Elektron as a reference project to jump into and get inspired and then jump back to my current project.

And then there’s the loading-up of multiple DigiPRO sound banks (not sure if that’s available to non-+drive or not, but it’s something I’m glad to have).


Monomachine was my first hardware synth. I stupidly sold it to fund some eurorack four years ago. I scored a second hand one again today, and I can’t bloody wait. I’ve missed you, you crazy old bat! I don’t think I have an emotional bond to any other synth, but this one. Pure magic, this thing. :smiley:


Haha, thought it was a bit weird that the Monomachine I bought yesterday had rubber knobs. I remember putting rubber knobs on mine when I had it four years ago. Just out of curiosity, I checked the serial number of the Monomachine I had four years back on the Elektron support page, and check the back of the machine I got last night - and it’s the same fucking machine! :smiley: It’s come back home. :slight_smile:


“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be.”

Pretty applicable in your case, glad you two have been reunited!


Hah, I’ve read that quote before and always thought of it as a bit hopelessly romantic - but in this case, I’m willing to accept it as true. :heart_eyes:


I wish my AR was back home ^^


i don’t believe you. that would be too much coincidence. but you get a like, because i find it funny.


Believe it or not, its actually true, and I can prove it. :wink: it’s actually not that crazy. Not that many people in Norway, and I believe most of the gear that enters the country stays here because of our import taxes and difficulty selling stuff abroad. So all the synth nerds basically recycle one another’s gear over the years. :smile:


I don’t believe, you don’t believe him. Do you believe me?


That’s so awesome! Hahaha