Monomachine Love Thread


3D animator [lead]


you got me beat (lol). I think I’ve owned about that many MD’s and MnM’s combined though. and at least three Sidstations. oh and I’m on my second OT…

why buy and sell the same (ish) thing? working approaches change, sound palettes change, you lust for other gear, sound palette changes again, Elektron releases a better version, etc…


reading this story broke my heart. hope you find a gig soon.


Thank you.


hope you get soon another job mate. keep your head up :wink:


Hmm… why don‘t you find a job with that awesome qualification?


Been applying and getting denied for the last two years.

But this is now WAY off topic.

Thank you guys for support, appreciate it! But i dont wanna derail the thread.


I think it was down to my adhd at the time., ha. Now its under control, ive stopped buying and selling. Also I have a love hate relationship with the red devil md. the sampling quality, dingy ring sound when pushed to extremes , lack of storage, no chromatic are pet hates for me. Love the machinedrum otherwise.


Can I interest you in a MegaCommand :rocket: to fix your MD woes. ?


Really interested in one of these. A shop nearby has an mk1 and mk2. I dont think its a plus drive.

Wondering how well it can work with my DT. Can the two sequencers work together well or will i mostly be using midi tracks on my DT.

The sound demos make it sound like exactly what ive been looking for. Perfect for thosd eerie Autechre and BOC type sounds that have been pretty elusive to me. Even the poly sounds are good.

Im just a little worried i wont be able to eek out the sounds i want. I know theyre possible as ive heard them, but people like Cenk are gonna be able to do things i couldnt dream of with it

Am i crazy?




Great because i was particular interested in using the mm songmode (which the DT lacks) to open up my arrangements



SF rents are out of control, and likely will be until the fault gives. My brother lived there for 8 years with a PR job & another side job, and always had to live with roommates. Rent every month for a 2 bedroom in the city was = to a new Rev 2.

Its better to be in Omaha, NE or Sanger, TX and have your gear, IMO.


I am using the mnm and the dt together. It is a good combination. Depending on the situation I either use both sequencers or sequence the mnm from the dt.
One of the really great things is the sequencer on the dt can control poly mode on the mnm.


This is good to know for newcomers. I was wondering the same thing last week. That’s good news!


Is the MNM hard to learn? Just getting used to the OT and wondering how difficult learning that machine could be? Not that I want one in the near future… but maybe in a year or so when I have the feeling I have mastered my current gear.


If you’ve learned OT, then MnM is no problem. :elot::heart::elmm:


:elot: and :elmm: are definitely good buddies. Use the multiple outs of the :elmm: to feed both pairs of :elot: inputs and use :elot: as a live effects box, using nothing but through tracks, neighbor tracks, and scenes. Glitch paradise.


you guys inspired me to upload an old track of mine. monomachine only. direct out. only light normalizing and compression added. I did a handful of these back in the summer of 2005 and had a great time with it.


Where’s the mega command thread Justin?

Ill take a look. Do you still have my old midi command?