Monomachine in 2022?

Hi guys!
What do you think is it worth to buy used Monomachine mk2 in y2022?
I mean it is already quite old hardware. And prices is also around 2000+€.
What do you think how long it’s electronic components will last until they start to fail?
It really tempts me, but for real, is it worth…

Ask me again in 11 days.


Pretty unique machine. Hard to find alternatives, shapped a whole part of music in the 00’s…
Interesting combination of design choices…
But 2000 bucks…

Buy it.

If you don’t like it, you can sell it again for practically what you paid for it. Or you might end making some money…



If you love the concept and the sound of the Monomachine, then the best time to buy one was a decade ago. The next best time is today.

Price will depend on condition, and condition will largely dictate reliability. A MnM that has been gigged heavily is more likely to be trouble than one that has been in its box on a shelf for most of its life.


2022 is fine.

2023 though…


I once found one in a dodgy thrift store. It’s worth keeping an eye out in places like that - those kindve, pawn shops were music stuff is sold second hand. Or like a general buy sell swap store - I don’t know what that would be in your country specifically. Sometimes units like the MnM can wind up there from deceased estates, people selling things because they don’t really know what they are, or selling things because they just need cash. It’s a bit harder to come by than just googling online, but if you trawl some stores like that you can get lucky every once in a while. The key is to buy it from someone who doesn’t really know what it is, because more often than not they will just cut u a deal to move it. Or just wait for the Syntakt :smiley:

…if u don’t have special reasosns, some serious fetish for exactly THAT, i’d say…NO.

actual 2nd prices are tooooo pretty pretty pretty…these days.

aaaand once syntakt shows up, within the next 4/5 month, which will defenitly cover quite some md and mnm magic for sure, those moon prices will start to decline again…

respectively, if they get the syntakt at least half way right, u get a machine clearly under 1000 bux brandnew, that will cover the old cult AND offers ALL the new sequencer and backend gimmicks elektron learned and added along the way ever since…

so if u can tame ur gas for a little longer u’ll end up with way better options to decide…


Then why are people still paying MD prices when ARs and DTs are around?
I don’t think a new synth would make a difference to the people who want a MnM

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…ar and dt run a totally different approach than the old md and mnm sound concepts…
not to mention THE sidstation, which will also be covered by the syntakt in some new approach…

it’s time for retro in a new package…
ar and dt are NOT reretro…

to cover md and mnm sound options in a fresh design is a good argument, if u don’t have a special fetish for old gear…
most “only” want THAT sound again…if they can get THE plus of the new gimmicks while covering those old soundengines, there’s no real need anymore to pay moonprices for the old originals…

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And a new synth would be a different approach than a MnM

Just saying…they people that want a MnM want THAT device. A new device might be in their price range and offer the newer features, but it’s still not that device.
I’d love a MnM, but not at these prices. And the newer devices don’t do it for me.


…let’s see what will happen within the next half year…

many who want the mnm are like u…yeah, but not for that pricetag…
and a brandnew alternative will have an effect on those 2nd hand prices for sure…
at least for a while… :wink:

I think if you really WANT exactly that machine, you should get it.
Or if you are a collector too and have the bucks, go for it too.

If you just want to have special sounds, heck, record pots and pans clashing together, add a comb filter and a stupid reverb, done.


Sorry to say, but I personally think the prices are too high for this and other vintage gear.
But I need to say that I wouldn’t cash for an originial 303 or something too.

But I’m not a collector (anymore), and I think my money will go into other things.


hell no. Not because the machine is bad but the prices are just stupid. I’d like a monomachine but at the current price hard pass even if that means I never end up getting one. From what I’ve heard there’s nothing particularly special about it’s sound that can’t be done better elsewhere. Cool synth but I wouldn’t get wrapped up in the mojo/scarcity gas if I were you. It’s a fairly dated unit

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Only you can answer this question for yourself: Is it worth for YOU!?
I bought a SFX 60 in 2021 - ist one of the best weapons in my arsenal.

Worth in 2022? Yes - because with MCL 4.04 you have now access to all modern sequencer features (this would have been a personal point to criticize before).

It’s worth to check local adds, eBay Kleinanzeigen and also eBay (especially in summer).


if you like the sound, pull the trigger

all this stuff like conditional trigs are bollox.


I wanted the MnM for that sound but fell in love with all the quirky stuff that is lacking in the new devices. I would say that if you really want one get one. 2000€ for a mint is not a bad price imo. You can always sell it for that if you don’t end up liking it.


The thread title must be tongue and cheek. But, i would say yes for a mk2 in good condition. I would be surprised if Elektron made a machine like the OT or the MnM again. Maybe a Digi version, but maybe if I dare them into it. I mean? The the MnM and the OT were like modular samplers and synths, and with Overbridge, they might as well do that stuff in the box.
I should’ve bought a Nord Mod G2 when they were at 2 grand… But I have a MnM and I’m not greedy. It’s staying with me until I leave this mortal coil. I mean how much were they new? Like 1400 buck I think. If you find one in great condition and you like dirty digital. Do it.

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can’t wait until next years thread !