Monomachine in 2022?

did it? I can think of only a few “high profile” artists that used it: Autechre, John Tejada, and Sofie. I’m sure there’s many more that were less obvious about it. but I wouldn’t say it shaped a specific era or genre of music.

I dunno probably not the worst, its expensive but if it is exactly what you want there isn’t anything the same… that said when dropping that sort of money I ended up going for a high end desktop Synth + Digitakt.

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I don’t think it matters what year it is
If the monomachine ( or any other piece of equipment ) offers something you ‘need’ and you’ve done research, and you have money , and it’s available … then buy it

Same advice for 2023,2024,2025etc
Same advice for any gear .


as mentioned already, you could probably get the same sounds from other/recent synths but the MM is the MM right? :smiley: should you get one? well, that’s a good question, i would say yes because of many/different reasons, but mh…depends on what you’re looking for. if the MM fits your needs and you can afford it then why not.

…i believe MCL works only with the MD, unless things have changed along the way :slightly_smiling_face:


Check the expiration date on the bottom of the machine. Most Monomachines I have come across expire on December 31st, 2021.


ugh, yeah. Just rummaged through my grandfather’s closet and tossed both MMs I saw leaking on the shelf.


We don’t know what the Syntakt will be. We don’t even know if it is a thing that will be released.

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I paid a lot for mine, but I’m not smart so… to answer your question, perhaps


…well, well, well…come down easy…

Stereomachine beats Monomachine on 2022.

It is late 2022, and I’m just discovering how powerful the MnM is as a modular effects machine.

Starting point: create a very simple melody with a sine machine and send it to a sequence of FX machines that each take input from the prior machine. Then setup LFOs to modulate each track’s delay and effect parameters. I’m using a stack of reverbs and getting some early Warp vibes.


Sounds like you could a similar thing with an Octatrack yes?


Two more tracks for FX fun on the OT, yes absolutely.

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The MnM has quite a different gain staging though. It is more difficult to control when things are getting complex. But that’s why it also has its own character which is quite something else. So it’s definitely not gonna sound same. You can also use arpeggiator on fx machines + ping the filter at the same time. OT has not these things but it has much more flexible routing than MnM for sure.

Using them together is quite interesting. You can send some cc to mute some of the tracks of MnM (maybe modulate the distortion parameter in a subtle way at the same time!?) and even if it sounds quite a simple idea, you’ll get very interesting result because of the semi-controllable gain staging on MnM.

Here I’ve used OT to send some cc messages to MnM:


As a new MNM owner and a OT owner for a cpl of years i can only attest to This… Id say (a side from the actual synth engines) OT is the closest we can get to a MnM these days…
But the gain staging and filter characteristics are very different on the two…


I’ve wondered if the Digitone has a similar staging, though a bit more headroom.

It doesnt…
Just the interaction between the distortion (bipolar distortion etc.)and volume on the amp page is not at all like the Digitone…

MnM is fun, but probably harder to get sweet sounding results - lots of distortion adn thin sounds in between (which I like :slight_smile: ). There are downsides too for me. All tracks have to be same length etc. Also, elektron won’t fix it for you.

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A firmware update with conditional trigs and individual track lengths would make them go for 4000€ That would be bad for business.

from what i remember, there’s very little room to add any further features to the mm. so even if they wanted to, they couldn’t.