Monomachine freezes on start up

mk1 edition, so i know elektron no longer service those

the thing was plugged in, but only half way, and the cable fell out, and then i plugged it back in (all this time the device has been turned on), and when it turned on, it froze on start up screen.

really out of my depth in terms of electronics repair here - dont know what the issue could be. i know its insanely hard to troubleshoot over the internet but just wanting a little helping hand, i dont really know in what way, but im just so so gutted as i’ve only had it 2 days.

i can get onto the start up menu by holding function, but it freezes immediately after that too.

1.32B OS version

im sad :frowning:

that’s already something…you could try anything from the menu you have there…maybe try a MIDI upgrade too

this one a bit less :expressionless: so even if you enter Test Mode, nothing is actually responding? no feedback from the UI if you press any of the buttons?

i can get to the early startup menu, but nothing else after that. just freezes up. arrow keys dont work, cant select anything

i basically only have like 0.5 seconds after turning it on to do anything. itll recognise the first keypress , but then nothing :((

no UI feedback. just pure freezes

if it’s one key press after the startup menu, then you could try load the firmware again or even try an empty/factory reset by pressing either button 2/3 or 5 on the step sequencer; if not, then you might have more luck getting in touch with HQ, send them a ticket see what they can do for you

There’s some info in here that could help Monomachine won't boot - #29 by orys and this was my experience getting my mnm to work again Monomachine won't boot - #27 by sweet_trip

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i emailed elektron and they said basically exactly the same thing - in the vast majority of cases where a monomachine/machinedrum freezes on startup it can be fixed by unplugging and reseeating the connectors on the PCB. took it to my local repair shop and i told them what to do (too scared to do it myself) and they sorted it. proper good shit

anyone googling this in the future: press down on each internal connector/remove the connectors on the pcb and put them back. works a charm.

cheers boys, peace


Given the value of the MnM and possibility of unusual internal connectors, I would probably pay a tech as well.

If you or others want to develop some confidence for reseating connectors on other cheaper synths you can learn a lot by taking apart an old computer and putting it back together. PCs use a very limited set of connector types, but it’s a good opportunity to handle some PCBs and develop comfort handling expensive equipment that is essentially designed to be assembled by the world’s least educated people. Spend $10 on an anti-static strap if you are playing with something you don’t want to break and be thoughtful and gentle and everything should be fine.