Modular Techno w/ Heat

Well i have to tell u…just completed my system with old Terminal and a Furthrrrr generator with Strong Zero Core Vco.
It is a blast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey thanks, actually it could be pretty nice. Check your mps :slight_smile:

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nice sounds!!! How do you made all this crackling noises???
I just have the BIA from NE … but I like it a lot (untill now at least). Just put many modulations in it and it´s basicly a one drum maschine module :slight_smile:

What do you do with the AH? Saturation and compression?

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Would be awesome to do a thing together…fuck the world over with sonics😉

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I guess the crackling noises come from the WMD Chimera ? It’s one of the latest modules I got, but I find it incredibly good. Great for hats, metallic drones etc… Very modulation friendly like the NE modules.

I do exactly this with the AH, somewhat subtle amounts of saturation and compression/sidechain.

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How do you make sure Voltage Block resets each time you hit play? I use Vermona qmi2 for midi to cv duties and can’t figure out how to use reset. I’m also using Varigate 4+

I’m clocking everything via Pamela’s Workout and its expander, the Voltage Block is used 98% of the time for modulation only, not pitch; and I’ve never even used the reset input so I don’t think I can help you much…

Hi !

Here’s a new one. I started ou with the idea of using the Manis Iteritas a bit differently that usual, that is not for stabs or short percussive sounds. A drone seemed fitting, especially to try the sidechaining capabilities of the WMD MSCL that just found its way into the case (it’s very good).

Digitakt does very little, a kick, some offbeat hats and a heavy chord stab coming sometimes. The rest is all modular, with the Chimera, Loquelic, two TG One and a MMF filter that I use as a sine wave oscillator. I hadn’t planned on it at first but it’s one of those happy accidents the modular is perfect at triggering. Heat is on the master as usual.

I’m also using the CV input on El Capistan to create swells of delay. Strymon coming out with Magneto inspired me to use the expression pedal input of the El Cap more.

Lil’ snippet :

Full track :


Awesome track, really enjoyed this one!

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Thank you very much ! Glad you enjoyed it !

Hey ! Back already with a slowed down, dubbed-out, all distorted version of the previous track.
The effects are given a lot more importance, sounds have much more space. The elements are the same but the pace is different, giving some sort of processionary feeling.

Quite frankly I really prefer this version, hope you’ll dig it too :


Yeah same for me, I prefer this version. Much more trippy and the sound has much more space to shine.(well, your track is pretty dark, not sure if shine is the good word, but you get the idea).

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Thank you :wink:
Sometimes it’s worth it slowing things down ! I wanted to emphasize the drone.


It’s been a while ! Here’s a taste of what I’m working on with a friend of mine; building a live set with my Modular and Digitakt and his Ableton + controllers. We’re shooting for 45min/1hour of material; we’re not quite there yet although this one could be easily pushed a bit. It’s all played and arranged live so there are mistakes, some transitions could be a lot smoother but oh well. It’s all recorded live in stereo from the mixer, I just ran the entire thing through the Analog Heat to give it some more punch.

Criticism is very welcome !

Snippet :

Full Set :

Hope you’ll enjoy this half hour of techno !


Back again real quick for something that is neither Modular nor Digitakt but might interest some of you nevertheless :

I got a Lyra 8 two days ago (my birthday present to myself :smile:) it is such a beautiful, expressive instrument that begs to slow down. Here is my first track with it, droney, ominous soundscapes (I had scenes from the movie Annihilation in my head while playing it, hence the mood and title). It goes through El Cap and Space.

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Again with the Lyra-8, still no beats :slight_smile:

This time more on the blissful, beautiful side the Lyra has to offer. Changing the scales/tuning completely alters the feeling of this fine thing :

I love how the LFOs create sounds close to those of missing parts on an old tape.

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New one, a drone-heavy, slow and low affair, with the Modular, Digitakt and Lyra 8.

It is mostly TG One with WMD Chimera as well as some psychedelic alien voices from Loquelic Iteritas, live and sampled.
The Lyra does the unsettling pads.

Snippet :

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So I’ve once again shuffled my case around (quite drastically this time) not only to make some room for WMD’s Fracture but mostly to make way for the Rainmaker. Damn this thing is a bottomless pit of crazy sounds ! Too many modules sitting idle in a box right now but don’t fret, a new case is on the way. I’ve been really into percussion recently and I’m trying to incorporate this in my music, so here’s a first real go at both Fracture and the Rainmaker (processing Manis Iteritas) :

Snippet :

I’m quite pleased with this one really !


have to say that i really like your music !

keep it up, really inspiring sounddesign throughout - please share the progress on the liveset with you buddy, interested to see where you are going with it :wink:

Thank you very much ! Really appreciated, as always !

We haven’t had time to rehearse as much as we would have liked recently but we have some cool stuff planned for later :slight_smile: