Modular synth suggestion


am selling all my synths and stuff to jump in modular… :blush: :smiley:
after some research I build this on modulargind My timid Eurorack - Eurorack Modular System from ragava on ModularGrid
building more live setup, for detroid/electro, what more modules u suggest to put here?

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Change Clouds to Beads :wink: Mutable Instruments Beads – Thomann Polska

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If your intent is to trigger queen of pentacles with grid and variegate4+ I can suggest to replace one of these with robaux ll8, it’s a great and easy trigger sequencer. Grids is more on the euclidean side: you can consider disting mk4 instead, that gives a very good euclidean pattern generator and very much more…

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You’ll need a mixer or two.

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get an expert sleepers ES-9

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ty! for suggestions : ) will check all those modules… is beringer case good for start 140hp x2?
I saw somewhere that some modules is hard to fit there… was planning arturia case 88hp x2 but cant fit all in… Atlantis and Metrapolix are space eaters

Don’t get a behringer case , one of the most important aspects is module depth and PSU. If you want a budget case get a tip top mantis

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Ok, ty! will get this then

disting mk4 looks good, and do more fun stuff… and can sample hold, that func was on my list to, ty

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I have a Behringer case. Up to now very happy with it. It’s not fully loaded yet, it’s 80 % or so. No power problem. It probably depends on the modules inside… worth checking…

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For detroit techno style (i assume that you are talking about the Belleville Three stuff?) you should not really dive into modular, since their approach was more focussed on grooveboxes.

But if you want to dive into some more kind of versatile “electro” direction you should definitely go for a classic subtractive synth approach and build up from that to whatever you feel more driven to.

So a simple monophonic synth voice could be a perfect start. I would take a look into 0 Coast (which is actually more west-coastish) or other semi-modulars before investing thousands :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: and realizing that you could do all of that with Bitwigs Grid or something…


I just took a look on your modulargrid: Metropolis + Atlantis is a killer combo, but you might get bored with the filter, so maybe take a look at some filter modules. Since this heavily is based on personal taste it is hard to make suggestions here, but QPAS and Bionic Lester are both stereo capable, very versatile filters: They can both do the “bread and butter” stuff and can get to very experimental and unique fields of sounddesign.

But something that is always heavily underrated: MIXERS! Put mixers in your rack, and put many of them in it :smiley:

Believe me: You will miss them when you need them, and stackcables are not always the solution.

If you find one, get at least something like an Abstract Data ADE-60 (or something similar), which has a very small footprint and can be used either as offset, mixing 4 signals into one output, trim independent channels and do various gainstaging tasks. I also have one, and I wisch I would have some spare space for another one…


maths can serve as a mixer but i’d still recommend a intellijel tripplatt - maths again does most/all of what trippleatt does but you’ll enjoy having lots of mixing and attenuation. a 2hp mix would be good for audio.


That or Shades or 3x MIA (my fav atm) or Frap Tools 321. All great and essential.


Funny, I actually own shades and not the tripleatt I recommend. I had forgotten the name of shades though and was too lazy to look it up. Both are great.

Voltage block or preset are two really cool sequencers/preset modules…

I really like ochd lfo module, small yet powerful.

You need envelopes, stages is a good one for sure.

Maestro is also a cool module to look into.

I’ll get come back with more suggestions but that’s it for now. Imo you need more modulation (envelopes and lfos)

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I have a Behringer Eurorack Go case and I can recommend it. Looks good and works like it should. Yeah the only is depth, but most of the modules that I have looked at fit the case. If you want a lot of Doepfer modules, then this case is not the one for you.

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If you compare mantis and Behringer there not big a difference in depth.
Minimum and maximum module depth in these cases are:
51 mm and 61mm
40mm and 62mm

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I’m always surprised to see these posts…

You sold everything to get into modular so the first thing I would expect to see is an explanation of why and what you hope to achieve out of modular that cannot be achieved in other formats that are pretty much all cheaper. That isn’t there, so what do you expect from recommendations ? I can tell you this: I’ve been reading similar posts here or on MG for a good moment now, and invariably the answers are all over the place, because the question lacks focus, so people replace your need/preference with theirs and tell you what they would do. Try and ask yourself the right questions, the answers will be easier to find…

You should consider posting your setup on MG’s forum as well, there are very experienced people there who can help you with suggestions… once you know what you need :slight_smile:


Ty for help guys! @ end I will choose modules by myself but suggestions help to see things I missed, like add more mixers and lfos, envelopes… my main goal is to play live sets… I had 10+ Synts and groovboxes in past years and I understand that all can be done on pc or my current setup but it’s like more personal thing… building your own groovbox… and it looks so fun to :grin:

for a live setup you should consider modules with one knob per function. disting mk4 is just the opposite of this philosophy. yes, they take up more space and have less functions, but you dont wanna look up the manual, while youre in a session or dive deep in menues. so less is more :wink:

doepfer, verbos and vermona built very nice modules in this regard. also beringers retro-modules are „dead cheap“ and not bad at all what I experienced so far.

you will definitely need an output module with headphone jack. befaco builds a nice one with only 4hp and symmetric outputs.

for the case, the make noise shared system case is very clever with its multiples (and has an output built in).

otherwise as already said: first make shure you know what youre headding for, otherwise you will just collect random modules.

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