Modular synth suggestion

the PSU of the behringer also is not very good compared to the mantis.

Can’t really see what you mean when I look at the specs for both cases.

+12 V / 3000 mA, -12 V / 1100 mA, 5 V / 300 mA

Eurorack Go:
+12 V / 3000 mA, -12 V / 1000 mA, +5 V / 1000 mA

Its not just the spec , its the design of the board and quality of components

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Okay, so what’s the difference when it comes to the design and the quality of the components?

The Behringer power conditioning is noisy compared the Mantis which will effect your audio quality , it also lacks some really desirable features even if it has more HP.(sliding nuts , stands for angled and vertical performance, connectivity to another mantis when you inevitably expand , a bag , a lid, carry on size for areoplanes). It is also a direct clone of this. Its better to support the original company overall , for a lot of reasons including these ones. Its a better long term investment. Ive been in euro for around 4 years now and if i were not getting something like a SS going in , i’d get this or a intellijel 7u , which isn’t in the same budget category.7U Performance Case - intellijel (i think this is the best one to get for a small system). This year i am getting a doepfer monster case 12u 168hp and base to expand. A-100 Portable Versions I can’t recommend that to a beginner , but im going to be investing a lot in euro and putting my 9u 104hp system in it with video.
Mantis - Tiptop Audio

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Not suggesting this as a template but for lots of ideas on how to make a standalone euro system work in a live performance context:

(He has lots of useful videos on that subject)


Atlantis/Metropolis and the queen of pentacles are nice choices for the style you want to achieve I suppose.
Rings and Beads, while sure might find a spot in a track, still seem a bit out of place.
nice modules though

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Have you done an AB test on these units to get to this conclusion when it comes to noise? My Eurorack Go does not have a high noise floor. Eurorack Go has sliding nuts & a stand for angled performance.

Yes, I know that its a complete clone of the Mantis. I can’t justify for myself to get the Mantis when the Eurorack Go exists. It just gives me more bang for the buck and I have no problem with it.

If you go on MW you will see a good few others reviews of this sort of scenario.

Hey, imho eurorack is a very interesting but complex world; I would not sell all my other gear just for going modular unless I had a really huge budget. A good way to learn a few things about modular is VCV Rack which is an eurorack software emulator with tons of different modules including Mutable instruments and Befaco. It is not the exact thing but it can give you a first sight on what you might need for your setup; as an example logics and utility are not so mentioned usually but they are needful for any kind of setup.


I agree with arinev (above).

Experiment with an inexpensive but full-featured virtual modular to create something close to the sounds and setup(s) that work for you. Then you will have a clear idea of what sorts of real-world modules and configurations will get you there. A lot less guesswork and perhaps less money and time spent on modules that don’t work out.

I think you’re missing a lot in terms of modulation sources as others have said. Rack seems to lock VCAs, filters, lfos, switches, mutes etc. A quad vca (Intellijel or veils) could replace a mixer. Also not sure the pico output would be essential but debatable.

Something like a zadar, tides or just friends could be interesting to add.

Just to share my experience… if I had VCV Rack on my computer before buying my first eurorack modules I could have understood that Rampage should have been the first thing to fill in my rack instead of buying three different VCO/Synth voices and so on…

There are also lots of companies like Erica Synths who sell rack bundles that are ready-made for particular use like acid, basslines, drones or whatever. I mentioned ES but there are other companies like Synthrotek and many I can’t recall right now!

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