Modular synth and octatrack

Does anyone have any experience combining octatrack and modular/eurorack synth? Any suggestions on how to chain this nicely? Would use octa for midi sequencing, and reverb/delay for audio. Preferably using all 4 audio inputs and cue outputs (loop). Can

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You’d need midi to cv to get the most out of it. Or you could just clock the Mod by sending a pulse out of Cue.
Also worth considering levels as Euro is hot, I have a DubMix in my Eurorack that delivers line level so it’s easy. Plugging say an OSC straight into the OT will clip it’s inputs!


be very careful with the levels going in to the OT. The inputs can take a beating, but you will start to introduce very noticeable cross talk. Even with a 1/4" output stage if I don’t carefully gain stage everything and attenuate signals there’s cross talk.

Keep the envelopes in control and use the OT’s EQ/compressor/amp carefully and you should have no problem, it did me well for many months with my atlantis and tip top modules before i grabbed a PGH outs module. It’s not necessarily the most robust euro output stage compared to the cwejman or [url=“”]vermona options but it gets the job done for me

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I have PHG outs, which would work for one pair of outputs.

I’m adding:

However, the modular (for ambient purposes) can create several sounds, drones or arps in parallell (3 voices + noise), so to not smudge all the output with the same fx/reverb, I would either add another PHG outs (for 4 jack outputs), or possibly Make Noise - Rosie, which seems more flexible.

Or…just break the biggybank and go for the Erbe Verb reverb, so possibly no need to use the OT for FX loop, just have one modular mix going in as one stereo pair in OT. Argh, can’t decide.

I use the OT with my semi-modular-setup (Urzwerg Pro, Dark Energy I, Nanozwerg, Monotribe, Vermona Mono Lancet).

OT does Midi-Clock to Urzwerg Pro and Midi Notes to Mono Lancet, Urzwerg with CV to all other synths

all 4 synths go to 4 mono inputs - 4 thru, 3 flex (for sampling and mangling), 1 master track.

I think it´s great to add reverb, delay and bit crushing to 4 synths individually.
I just need a midi controller to access all the effect parameters directly, and perfect.
see also the thread “OT as effects unit for external synth”

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by the way, I keep the output levels of the synths low, the OT doesn´t like hot levels.
for the synths who have no level control I have a Megazwerg, who has attenuators.

wait a while … expert sleepers is going to provide the modular-community with the FH-1 module

in other words: the OT can act as a super-modulation-source for the modular via midi

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fh-1 looks excellent - the midi/cv interfaces I have been looking at always have so many limitations, especially when it comes to modulation

here’s a tour of richard devine’s studio with a modular getting recorded into the octatrack


Or you could just clock the Mod by sending a pulse out of Cue.

Someone care to explain this plz?

I tried sending the clock signal out to my modular and it was a no go. Had to dedicate a midi track with 1/16 trigs firing my Pittsburgh Midi2

im just about to sell my OT (IM coming back when they have an Overbridge capable OT) but the expert sleepers unit makes me doubt that choice…
HMmm well see - Ill be watching you guys with interest for sure.
Good luck!

It will depend on the module you are trying to clock, but I have had success clocking the modular by sending the metronome signal out through the cue out in to a clock module or sequencer.

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Tip top trigger riot or Pamela’s workout are good choices for clocking. You can send 16th notes pulse samples, rimshots, or din sync to them.

I sync my rytm to my octatrack and send din from the rytm to my trigger riot. It’s works really great. The trigger riot then clocks my whole modular, sending clocks and crazy trigger streams to rene, brain seed, OPTOMIX, Quad LFO, envelopes, Maths, ect…

I then also send midi from my octatrack to my qunexus with midi expander. This gives me a gate and 3 cv’s that I can sequence from my octatrack. The combination is really powerful.

Revising this old thread.

I’m looking at using OT to sequence an Intellijel Atlantis and Shapeshifter.

I have absolutely no experience working with modular, I just really like the sound of the two units.

Is the Vermona qMI the best thing to link the OT to sequence the modules?

How reliable is the timing working this way? Is this all I’d need or would I need any other other modules to get things working?

The other option would be invest in a couple of modular sequencers like Metropolis and just have the OT sending clock. How would this work and how would I do this?

Alternatively, anyone know of any modern non-modular desktop synth that sound anything like these two units? I quite like the Dreadbox stuff, but not sure they’re versatile enough.


I use Shuttle Control by Endorphines - couldn’t recommend enough. Non-stepped CC’s is a huge plus IMO. Also they’ve just released a load of extra modes so the 16 outputs can be configured to any of the following:


I clock my modular from the A4. Works well - lots of flexibility.

Pittsburgh midi 3 here. Turns out I like using it better than the a4. Tough call-wish the OT had the a4 chorus.

Poly phonic midi note out
Can record the modular live and loop
Capture magic moments and save them as audio for later

Thanks. How does this play with the OT though? I don’t see a MIDI port. Looks like it’s USB MIDI only.

Can you sequence 2 synths independently in duo mode?

I also use Shuttle Control. I’ve tried quite a few MIDI to CV converters and this is the only one that works. I use a Terrasoniq MIDI One cable to link them up. I believe these will be obsolete soon so I would advise looking for something that contains the same chip. Very cheap midi to USB adaptors won’t cut it.