Modular Suggestions


.So, I want to expand my MV 3900. So the 1st question is about cases. I see some have USB out and Midi outs etc etc, how compatible are these with modules in general, re with the modules inside it?

Are there any exceptional flexible mults/inverter/mixer modules I should have a look at?

The same question for EG units.

I want a sampler module, like a looper, that can overdub in real time, editing would nice.

What companies have the best reputation for FX, mainly delay/reverb type, flexible distortion would be interesting too.

Just show me a few modules you like. No specifics, just your favourite…

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Could you be more clear … ?

Example: a very capable and possibly most advanced EG for EU-rack might be this:

or as a sampler

But is this what you are looking for?

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That’s great, I just want general suggestions for interesting modules so I can see what’s out there, I wouldn’t want anyone to give me the specific model, because until I can see some good examples I’m not even certain what’s possible.

I could just go and read a few ‘top lists’ but I thought the point of a forum was for discussion of things like this :slight_smile:

Maybe I should have made the title “List your favourite…”

That sampler is amazing, £800 is about £300 too much though :slight_smile: It’s beyond what I need.

I edited the OP.

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Another sampler / looper would be the ER301, no better audio quality compare to the Assimil8or but it’s a modular system in one module with tons of possibilities for almost same price.
It would cover some of the things you are looking for like fun FX, Looper, Mixer, you can do tons of things with this module and then add some utilises to shape, interact with this module.

Worth to check it since it is very popular in the Euro community since it’s a Swiss knife modular tool.

In the end I didn’t kept it and prefered the Assimil8or but I think it is worth the price and quality, especially if you are already comfortable with modular systems and want to make tons of patches, save them and recall when you want.
Only limitation is CPU. There is an active forum community as well where the 301 creator is very responsive with its members.

Otherwise Zadar is also a nice EG/ modulation with 4 outputs.

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Oddly enough, when I googled that, this came up.

Doing the exact same thing myself with my MV.

For myself I wanted total sound design so I went DPO + modDemix.

Per your request, Maths is not the king for no reason: all your requests in one module. Looking further out, Cold Mac is a genius utility module and afaik Zadar is an excellent EG module.

I don’t know any loopers. Sorry. W/ is cool. Zoia can be a looping mutant.


Looking at your interests, one system comes to mind: the Tape & Microsound Music Machine by Make Noise

It’s basically a complex dual function generator (two envelope generators) which also acts as a mixer, one sampler/granular player, a filter, a delay/reverb, a random and an output module.

Maybe you’re not looking for a full system to buy at once, but this is a great sample and sound manipulator, it can be a nice inspiration. And to be clear, you can sample incoming sound on the fly with it.


Are you looking to expand for the sake of expansion? Or do you have some idea of what you want to do?

Because just looping, Imo you would be better off with something standalone as you don’t have yet a lot of modulation to take full advantage. More modulation? I think you would be better served focusing on a second osc as the MV has decent modulation capabilities already.

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Great suggestion here. Keeping the shared system idea and switch some modules to taste is a great way to shape your own systems based on a pre organised idea.

I’ll have a look into exactly what Maths has. I wonder how it compares to 4ms pingable. Cheers for the suggestions. I saw the Zolo elsehwere but didn’t realise what it was other than a pedal. I was looking for Analog egs, but the Zadar sounds really interesting.

I have an idea yeah. I know the direction I’m going, I’m just working out the exact route.

I’m going to braids/plaits, I’m not thinking about an Analog vco until after I’ve seen the other things, I realise that might seem backwards to people, but there’s a plan don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I’m comforted in knowing you at least have a plan. Not many get into modular with one quickly get in trouble :joy:

A big yes for Cold Mac, it is on my shorlist, the concept of bringing all these utilities together with one big knob is genius!

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1st I’m trying to work out what size case I’ll need, maybe I’m wrong but oscs aren
t huge. I’m trying to get as much sound out of as few modules as possible, but for that I need to try and work out from specific videos and I can’t watch them all, hence the suggestions :slight_smile:

I don’t have one myself but also like two modules away from getting one. The more I look into it the more its genius stands out.

Honestly I think I get most excited with utility modules.

Mimeophon looks pretty good

That’s kind of the device I had in my head for that module.

This seems like a no brainer. Cold Mac seems like a similar kind of toolbox, maybe with very different results.

@og_tea_boi It’s on my list too, it can even serve as synth voice when pushing the feedback!

Same! When I got Shades and Kinks, the whole modular concept made a lot more sense. And the idea of morphing from a patch to another with Colb Mac’s knob is so tempting.

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The Cold Mac and Disting are very different. Disting uses one algorithm at a time with fixed parameters whereas the Cold Macs functions can be combined in myriad ways.

Disting is also a solid choice.


I would like to comment on this … don’t put the cart before the horse :wink:

1st you should try to figure out, what your future modular instrument should be about, what you want to do with it, and then the size of the rack will become clear soon.

If you want to use “complex oscillators” you might need quite a bit of space, some sequencers are also larger than other modules. If you prefer no menu diving and a one knob per function layout, the rack might need much more size, than having some compact modules.

Best would be to go to ModularGrid and try out some layouts …

When I asked people here for beginning advice, everyone told me to get a bigger case than planned, allowing room for expansion. I ho-hummed thinking I could control it.

Boy were they right.


Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do now on this thread. I’ve got the direction, I’m just trying to see how much space it will take. Tbh it’s starting to seem, it’d be more sensible just to buy a bigger case and try things out.

The core is the MV, a flexible sampler looper and a flexible delay that can be pushed to create chorus, reverbs, another ananlog osc and plaits just because theres a lot in there.

So, in theory, it could be quite compact and relatively simple, but it’s the sculpting possibilities of all the stuff like cold fusion, maths etc I need to consider.

There’s just too much ‘exotic’ stuff that I’d like to try. Like this litte contact mic…things that aren’t needed but could give really unusual results…

I should have said I have the DT/DN for some sequencing.