Modest OT feature requests

Just to clarify - you mean like analog rytm “direct jump”?

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I guess so, if sequencer is on step 6 and you hit new pattern, new pattern starts on sequencer step 7 and just picks up in the middle of the pattern, sequencer just keeps running instead of starting over at step 1 for new pattern selection

I do!

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@HoojerBob so yes this is annoying if you use MAP/TRACK and need to set Trig modes per track again.

Ideally, it should be saved in parts…

How have you to deciphered that he means switching between parts or projects when he clearly wrote “switching between tracks”? :roll_eyes:

Trig modes? Because I already had the same idea in mind!

Btw I’m not sure what @HoojerBob really want.
I want to keep Trig modes settings (in FOLLOW TM or MAP/TRACK mode) after power cycle, and ideally store that settings per part.


Grüße everyone. What I had in mind was a setting for each track to retain their respective trig mode at any given moment. The mode would be saved in the respective part (and would change across parts, accordingly) and also be retained after power cycle as @sezare56 suggested. Of course, you could change it on the fly and then reload part to revert. When I’m switching between tracks, I’m also constantly changing trig modes, which I consider to be one of the more annoying settings to change as you’re stabbing that up or down button quite a few times. This is a “performance sampler” and the trig modes are key to that, so I’m very surprised this hasn’t been implemented. Or am I missing something massive - that’s always possible.


MAP / TRACK mode allows a per track setting. MIDI + up/down arrows…
I was about to mentioned it after your first request concerning Trig modes…

Sorry but it appears that’s not quite it. I set to Map/Track then define a trig mode for an individual track and then a different one for the next track, and when I go back to the first it’s not the originally/initially defined mode.

It should be, map/track is the per track mode…
Map/follow is the common which shares the trig mode over all tracks

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Weird cos I can’t emulate it! I’ll have another crack later. In the meantime, thanks for your responses.

Map / Track settings are set differently.

Press MIDI + up/down arrows to select the trig mode of the track. It is not shown once set, useful for external midi control only.

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I’m thinking only on the box itself. Imagine the possibilities - I can’t believe it’s not designed this way already.

Think about a midi cable between midi in and out then! (External midi from OT! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
Works great with MAP / TRACK apparently not with FOLLOW / TM while in midi mode.

If you want to send clock, the thru out can send it (thru send what comes in).

It wasn’t possible before, it’s already a great evolution imho! It opens a lot of new possibilities. I really wish these settings will be saved with parts. It has too. They said say will improve it more, be confident!

Since MKII release, bringing Trig conditions, we didn’t have such an update.


I agree - the recent evolution/revolution was an unexpected gift. I’m going to try your midi solution - I have a blokas midi hub, so some sort of solution along those lines should be possible. Thanks!

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If you control other machines with midi tracks, it can be useful. Otherwise, as long as a midi track channel is shared with an audio track channel, no problem (it blocks audio tracks from sending midi, and midi track from receiving midi).

I’d try with a single midi cable first…

musical scales (mode & root) for note input.

random pattern creation within selected scale.

pattern direction (forward, backward, ping-pong, brownian, random).

won’t happen i knowwww.

oh, and model series style chance. :smile::+1:

With the recent OT update, adding a pretty simple feat. req - Personal setting for an alternative live AED that has a playhead follow position option sample/slice being played in the track. This could hopefully allow switching between tracks and adjust slice end point live, without the AED slice defaulting to slice 1 when switching back and forth.

Nice to have additional options could include:

  1. Setting to snap to bar/step when adjusting slice end point in this live mode
  2. Indicate which slice is currently playing with slice trig lit up white in slice trig mode
  3. Setting for slice duration where sample name is (similar to pickup up machine)

On the RYTM, the “KIT RELOAD ON CHG” option is extremely powerful. Would be fantastic to have it on the Octatrack for Parts when changing from Bank… (PART RELOAD ON CHG?) thank you

Conditional micro-timing. Is this even possible?

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