No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss [implemented version 1.02]

The Model:Samples OS has been updated to version 1.02A, now allowing for sample locking on the machine as well as making some minor performance improvements.

Visit our support page to download the new firmware, or head over to our YouTube channel to see how to sample lock or check out further bitesize tutorial videos.


Good news about sample locking!


What about integer based LFO waveforms so we can select samples in sample chains with LFOs!


This what was missing on this box. From completely not interested in it, now I can see some potential for single box jamming - like a fancy volca sample of kind. Nice!


I think this is REALLY going to open this thing up. I can’t wait to get home to try it out actually. It seems like such a small thing coming from the other boxes, but the more I played the M:S on its own away from other gear, the more I wanted this feature. The possibilities are still settling in my brain. :smiley: (even though I can lock sounds on the Digis this feels monumental)


My thoughts exactly. model:samples just became a viable alternative to a digitakt for me, whereas earlier I didn’t really have any interest in it.

How much sample RAM this machIne had again? Same as rytm/DT?


Thanks for the update Elektron, this is an excellent feature!

And if you are taking requests, a lot of users have pointed out that it would be nice to have an Attack parameter for the amp envelope. Seems like it would be easy to add by pressing Function + Decay.



Please add CTR ALL + Chance for all Elektrons !

64 MB sample memory


yep +1.

ctrl all & chance for all \ :)/

(and independent multipliers) :wink:


is there anyway to save pattern mute state with a pattern… the other day I assumed there is not because I can’t seem to find it, but the more I use the model samples the more I think surely I must be mistaken… does it only have global muting state???

if so why would it be like that, is this going to be changed in an update?


Elektron won’t normally ever reply to these questions, this is primarily a user community, if you want to ask official questions there are official channels for support and feature requests plus they won’t promise features ahead of time either. Note that other :3lektron: devices (inc premium) don’t have pattern mute states. If you ask on a general thread aot a news topic a M:S user might be able to help - your post here is essentially off-topic


Holy shit they did it… its amazing!!!


ok will ask in a more appropriate place next time, btw my digitakt does have mute states.


Fair enough, the salient point was not to expect a reply here.(just stating that seemed a bit dry) I knew the DT had this (and apparently DN too) so there’s no guarantee it is or it’ll be a feature


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I really appreciate Elektron for listening to their customers. A lot of people cried for Sample Locks and here you go in the 2nd update. Thanks! :smile: :heart: