Model:Samples overlay

Saw this on reddit. Kinda cool.

Video of placing it on the sampler:

This is the blurb from the reddit post:

Nice overlays for the Model:Samples (and other machines) to be found here: Now I want it even more! But I’m somewhat curious why Elektron doesn’t offered such layers themself.

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great idea, looks like something now :joy:

Kind of gives me a headache. I guess I just prefer the minimal look of the original design. It is also not that deep of a machine that I would think it needs to have an overlay. But I could see this being useful for people with bad eyes.

very nice carpet
i want one…

super cool … wish they did one in Black :smiling_imp:

Are these in sticker format or just an overlay?

From the video on YouTube there are just a couple smaller adhesive tabs in the corners, and the knobs hold it in place.
I prefer these to stickers, frankly, as they’re meant to sit on top and are less likely to peel / get ugly after a while.

I ordered the Schofield version.
Funny how the sample section is gerrymandered, though perhaps not as bad as the sequencer. Looks like an Indiana State Senate district.

But mostly, the black around the function button will help me much more, as will the larger texts in dim light.

They do now!
I’m not too into the green, bits, however.

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