Model:Samples battery handle pack

Don’t confuse my mentioning it for my complaining about it. I have no complaint. It was only mentioned to draw the parallel.

I’m not a proponent or a detractor. Only a realist and observer.

Extra things cost extra money.

You know how many times they tell me at Chipotle that Guacamole costs extra? Every time. :slight_smile:

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A bit rich tho innit? Paying extra for an empty battery compartment? + postage for said battery compartment if bought separate. And then some rechargeable batteries and charger if people don’t have em…Probably looking at around £50+… that’s double the diy ‘battery solution’ for other boxes… for batteries that don’t even last as long. Sound like progress?

Can’t say.
We won’t know until the prices are advertised. has tools for change if you feel the need, though.

Negative opinion about a battery compartment dongle = go visit

Ok bro…

You’re absolutely right.
One should wait until they have all the facts before going to

So it’s ok to be optimistic about something without all the facts? But not ok to be pessimistic about something without all the facts? Ok…

Aren’t we all just speculating opinions on a battery compartment in any case? Why turn it in to this?

You are absolutely free to be pessimistic about something you have a fraction of the facts on.

But to ask “A bit rich tho innit? Paying extra for an empty battery compartment?”, well, I can’t answer that. I don’t have all the facts.
I can’t quantify value without all the numbers.

So my question to you is what is the point?
What do you hope to accomplish?
It can’t be answers to your questions, as we don’t have all of the facts.

Are these just rhetorical questions to make the point that you are unhappy that this particular consumer product thing is a disappointment to you, as it symbolizes an overall disappointment with consumer culture (the dongle complaint)?

Either way, have at it! Enjoy!


I wonder when it’s gonna come out! My guess is mid June.

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Tuesday or Friday

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Maybe the M:S battery handle is the big announcement happening the day before Superbooth? :rofl:

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It’s free for vegetarian meals… :grin:
(this post has no hidden innuendos about anything, purely regarding guac at Chipotle :smiley: )

Any word on this? I really thought we’d have some sort of official option by now. I’ve been using it around the house a lot and feel like this thing needs an integrated battery to reach its potential. :electric_plug:


still nothing?

It’s just like Overbridge. There’ll be a beta version in 18 months time.

it’s missing Sir <3

maybe I can suggest you in the future to create a type of battery declined in two models, a unique system to feed a groovebox Elektron, then a second for live performances that would accommodate 4 to 6 models of the range Elektron it would be Just huge !!! !!

Different from the Amazon / Elektron battery will play in the musical side of the job: a power battery capable of generating a power source for an Elektron box , but also able to run a recorder, a mixer or a speaker …

what is your opinion Chee rs
[Model:sample is so cool]

Sent an email to support asking if there’s any news on the handle. They said it’s still being worked on but no ETA and they can’t give further details :man_shrugging:t2:

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I bet this battery handle is going to cost $100. I just have this sneaky suspicion.

Depends whether it’s just a tube to put batteries in (in which case why so long to make it?) or it contains its own battery unit. If the second, yeah, I’d guess at it being around that price :confused:

I think it’s going to be a tube for AA batteries.

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In which case $100 will be ‘hilarious’ (but not unlikely) :weary: