Model:Samples battery handle pack

To those who know the details… the official specifications on the website state that there are two “slots” for the future battery pack, so there is a lid on the bottom of the device and the battery will be internal? Thanks in advance.

as far as i can tell, seems like the ‘slots’ are more like connectors and the battery will be in the shape of an external handle.

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Think I saw in a video someone mentioning it will connect to either side and double as a kick stand

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Okay, thanks, now I see it in the manual:

If it will work as a kickstand that would be very cool. Still wish it had internal battery though…


Yeah internal battery would have been better from my POV. Take up less space in a rucksack and on a table. And wondering what the price is gonna be on the battery…

A handle is pretty cheesy.
I wonder if you could just use a proper battery pack.

Guess they were going for the Speak and Spell look?

I noticed that Cenk mentioned in a video that the handle would use AA batteries.

So I imagine a handle will hold 4 to 6 batteries, you can use rechargeable if you like.


Oh… I figured it was a lithium or whatever in the handle? so you’re basically paying extra for a battery compartment? Wonders never cease!

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That’s one way to look at it.

The other way is those who don’t need battery power, won’t have to pay extra for it.

We also don’t know how much it will cost yet, and as such I have refrained from putting the cart before the horse with regard to value.


That’s good news about AA. Also if you slow the video down to 0.5x Cenk sounds really drunk


C’mon man, if it’s just a handle/battery compartment, throw it in the box with the machine…


I have loads of extra AAs and a couple rechargers from Amazon. They last a good long while.

A cheaper compartment for them is a better investment than a lithium for my needs. YMMV.

I see it from both sides, it’s always a bummer to pay more money for more features, but capitalism gonna capitalize, gotta hit that price point to stay competitive.
My wife had to pay to check a bag the other day, but the flight was ultra cheap. Whaddayagonnado?

I never used the battery compartment on my Volca Sample, but I paid for it to be there.



How much is a battery compartment going to cost to manufacture? £5? Just throw it in the box and make ‘slightly’ less profit… Dongle culture :confused:

You’re saying ‘I have battery compartment in my Volca that i don’t use but I paid for’… but you’ll never know how much you paid for it. Korg could have only charged the cost of parts for that little piece of the puzzle. They might not have even made a profit on the battery compartment, in order to keep overall price down…

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Who cares about that handle when the power input is a 5V dc able to take a usb portable lithium battery with a simple adapter easily found on les internets.
I do that with volcas and it’s pretty convenient tho the AA batteries option is good also.
I wonder how this handle’s gonna look. I mean there are a lot of ports in the back that may be better left without some hinging handle putting unwanted side load on a plugged jack.

AA batteries will be heavier than lithium for sure

And cost extra, again, if people don’t already have em.

So yeah I’d prefer lithium ion, but consider some people buy stands to angle their gear for better ergonomic support. With this you could say Elektron are including a free stand with purchase of the battery pack while taking up less space than most stands might. Hopefully they hit a reasonable price…

it will not be “elektron recommended” of course, but this.

More than including the battery compartment it’s the size, and extra parts that probably would have come into play.

For instance, imagine the extra space at the top face plate of the machine is for 1/4" audio port clearance. Not something you can really negotiate with form factor wise when you’re trying to save thickness.

Also the reason why the teenage engineering stuff sticks to mini usb and 1/8" for audio ports, much smaller profile to execute smaller/more portable designs.