Model samples and Korg Volca Setup MIdi sync

Hello Elekronauts,
I am sorry to ask on this thread. I know the different thread was already on this topic but maybe not precisely regarding tempo sync.

I try to sync model samples tempo through the Midi IN and Midi Out as well with my volca devices(Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca Drum, and Korg Volca Mix), and could not succeed on it looks like all setting is set correctly (Midi Sync and other) but it does not work correctly.
I tried both cables (stereo and mono) no results.

My volcas tempo knob got crazy blinking on tempo sync when I use electron as master sync, but when I also try another way around and use Volca Mix to send sync signal to Into M:S seems like the tempo is not changing…

I could not use USB sync because volcas does not support it.

Any ideas would be so helpful, thank you.

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Please list fully the connections you are making between your gear so that we can determine exactly what is happening.

Thank you very much for the answer, sorry that I was not clear enough in my post above.

  1. I want to sync Korg Volcas and M:S with a MIDI cable, to adjust the same tempo.
  2. When I plugged midi cable to IN(Volca), and To OUT(M:S) It does not work propper, looks like the tempo is not synced. I have the whole list of settings seems correct, all sync turn on.
  3. I tried another way around, and use Volca Mix as midi sync out, and plug cable to M:S IN, when I change tempo knob on Volca Mix, M:S does not alter any tempo, looks like again not synced.

Is not clear yet?


So, connect a working MIDI cable from M:S MIDI Out port to (for example) Volca Drum MIDI In.

On the M:S,

  • in the SETTINGS > MIDI > SYNC menu, set CLK OUT to “ON”;
  • in the SETTINGS > MIDI > PORTS menu, set OUT TO to “MID”, set “OUT/THRU” to “OUT”, and try different settings for “OUT POL” as needed.

On the Volca Drum,

  • set MIDI Clock Src to “Auto” in the global parameters

The problem was my stupidity I used a wrong cable for sync. You need always use this adapter cable from electron to sync volcas.

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