Model:Samples 1.02B

1.02B for Model:Samples adds improved Class Compliant audio over USB support.

Visit our support page to download the new firmware, or head over to our YouTube channel to access a number of bitesize tutorial videos to get you started with the machine.

Check out Model:Samples here.


Hello :frowning: I download the file.Then xtractit’.
Then try to open it but impossible.
Here, is the nature of the file of MAJ after extraction:


You need to put the syx file in the transfer log

This looks correct. Read the readme file and follow the instructions!

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I’m getting a “Upgrade Failed Checksum Error” when installing via Transfer over USB. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using Mac OS Catalina? Transfer doesn’t fully support Catalina yet.

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I am. I was wondering if that was the root cause. Any estimated timeline for Catalina support?

We aren’t. It dropped three weeks ago. Scroll down in the news section.

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Newer version M:S OS 1.12 is out --> Model:Samples 1.12