MODEL: Losing Audio (Ableton - iTunes- others combined)

I am sometimes losing my audio signal when using Model as an interface hooked to MacBook Pro with Ableton and I use iTunes and then say Youtube.

I feel like when I use more than 1 or 2 I lose the audio interface signal and can’t regain it regardless of the setting on MacBook or Ableton.

Is there some auto feature or control I am not aware of that you need to configure to avoid this?

I know it is the Model interface signal I am losing and not anything else because the other signals coming from hardware or other means are being fed into the same mixer are getting through to the recording iPad no problem.

If I unplug the USB from MacBook and plug back in, it will work. So, just not sure what happens.

Thanks in advance.

Did you Contact Elektron Support and what did they say?

I have the same problem:

Model:Samples losing sound from Mac Mini

and I noticed it using Ableton as well, but when it starts no audio is coming from any app. It seems like a bug in MS Audio Interface implementation.

I hope they’ve addressed it, anybody else heard anything about it?


We are just crazy. It isn’t happening.

Tyler Durden what are you talking about?

I also have an issue of device saying sample locks full when it is not… anyone else?

Same issue as OP

Same issue
logic x 10.15 and usb audio in no sound (10.15 iMac and mbp)