Model:Samples losing sound from Mac Mini

Connected MS to my 2012 mac mini first time today using provided USB cable. I got the sound and midi clock. Ableton also starts and stops the pattern when set is started or stopped.

It’s all good for a while (3 - 5 min) and then MS gets into the state when it’s not getting any sound from the computer. The song is still playing (loop in Ableton Live) and MS still receiving the midi clock and plays it’s own pads, but nothing from the computer :frowning:

In order to fix it (so MS behaves as a sound card again) i have to restart the MS or switch on/off the audio interface in preferences.

Does it supposed to work for this scenario? What can be wrong?

Same problem here MODEL: Losing Audio (Ableton - iTunes- others combined)

Didn’t see it when reported mine.