Model Dismantling Procedure

I want to paint my new friend, no obvious ways to take it apart so I’m hoping someone can chip in with some tips.

The two rubber strips/feet look like they could hide a few screws but I’m reluctant to start pulling all the bits off it.

Any ideas Elektron

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Also very interested in this. Ended up smudging the legend a little bit already while cleaning some assembly grime on it. Don’t use alcohol! Obvious now as the enclosure is plastic.

Not so interested in stickers, but really want some new paint!!!


You mean don’t use alcohol to clean it yeah, rather than trying to clean it after a stumble home from a brewing hostelry? :joy::beers:

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Correct. I’ve found that the M:S goes rather well with Single Malt and a cigar. (cigar smoked outside… don’t need a yellow M:S)

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@BeardyJack can you post a picture after the paint job

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Aye aye Captain!


Yep, screw holes are under the grey rubber strip feet.
One more screw hole is under the center sticker.
Screw type: Torx T10
Opening unit WILL void your warranty <–this is something I once heard from the Elektron US service center tech. Do not treat this post as an official response.


Ahah! Thought those strips looked like screw covers!
Thank you @RhythmDroid!

I shall order some spray paint over the weekend!

what are you gonna do about the button function text, though?? Are you gonna avoid painting that area?

don’t skimp on the paint brand…get those mini cans of good paint that people use for model airplanes!


Damn I don’t really want to take off those pads. That will probably ruin the adhesive and they are so nice

It’s not exactly a complex box so not bothered about the text.
Can use it blind after about a half hour…

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Could buy some other feet to stick underneath I suppose.

yeah, I have no idea what holds them on…if it’s glue or pressure plugs which stick into the chassis. If it’s just adhesive, you can replace that, though. Clean em off and re-apply with something similar…

Just these pots I’m worried about.
Tried to prize a couple off with my fingers but no luck.
The rubber feet are stuck on with that double sided gum type tape. Easy to redo.
I’ll post pictures of the process and end result when I get it sorted.

If I were 12 or 13 I’d just take a few Sharpies to it and hang the consequences.
Being much older one prefers a more considered approach, yawn.


lol amazing

I did decals but used my own you can always take viynl stickers off and on again


oh good god use a pot remover you will screw up the rubber

Shoe laces or a piece of string does the trick. Just get it underneath the cap and pull up.

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Like the Uncle Rick sticker :smiley:

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