Model Dismantling Procedure


2 of these? :o Nice! I’d like to see and hear more of this mix. Cool stickers too!


…where’s the “…look mum, i modded my model” thread…?

we gonna need one for sure…




Anyone take one apart yet? Definitely take some tear down photos!

I am going to be waiting a few months for the paint I want.


I have the paint but I just can’t stop using my Model for long enough yet to use it!
I do plan to document the procedure though, I’m particularly mindful of the little plastic windows below the plockable pots.
I’m still reeling from just how much I have fallen in love with the Model, I cancelled 3 preorders and presumed that I’d send it back on the fourth but no, it’s here and I’m so certain that my love will remain that I will deface it and contaminate it with my limited colour spectrum ideals.


When you guys disassemble it please take some pics from the LCD board and pinout :nerd:


I do intend to take pictures at every stage and will remember your request, but it may be some time as I can’t stop loading samples and knocking out patterns yet :joy:


Why buy two MS?


I can’t speak for her, but I’ve thought about it a few times.

I love using the M:S by itself. It’s just a ton of fun to play. Twice the voices, controls, and maybe a central mixer (ala DJ) could be fun to create all M:S sets, and the cost for such a setup would really be very minimal. Add a couple Meris pedals, and it could get pretty ridiculous in a very small space.

That said, I think for me, I’d take more the Dave Mech approach, and use two Digitakts. I like my DT+DN combo too, but something about the flexibility of two DTs with external mixing appeals to me. I’ve been wanting to put together some longer sets as opposed to individual tracks more in recent times, because I’ve also shifted toward composing more live rather than more heavy on the programming side.

IMO these sorts of things would be why you’d go for a dual setup.

Of course, once could do nearly the same thing with a single Octatrack too. However, the layout and flow are different. One might lean toward one or the other due to UI.


mainly to lighten my load when playing shows


Her… :slight_smile:



The funny thing is that when I posted that, I wondered. But then didn’t click to find out.


lol I wish but they are taking over for drums for now I’m playing for a radio station tomorrow & they’re filming it will post after so you can see what I meant by lightening my load lmao


Understood. If I was going to play out (and I’ve thought about it) I’d want a compact modular of my own design and a small drum/sampling device or maybe two digis. If I had to drag a bunch of heavy gear, I’d say no :smiley:

I was asked to play in Paris a while back, and all I could think about is that I didn’t have anything small enough to take on a plane.

Side note: I checked out your Bandcamp page. Nice tracks!


Sounds a little out of sync? How did you sync them by the way?


You are correct! I always favor a non rythhmic foreground & mid that pings pongs in & out midi sync


Fair play :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a sync freak and like it tight :hugs: