Just watched the At A Glance video on YT. It shows the battery handle too! Cool.
I want one

for some reason I always assumed the battery handle would be rechargeable, not something you just stick a bunch of AA’s into. still cool. just wondering if I’m the only one who assumed this…? :man_shrugging:


same… thought it was a lithium pack or similar… still cool

Elektron previously told us that it would simply contain AA batteries.


comparison with digitone please :blush:

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Just change the country at the bottom fromSweden to US. It’s $299


Dude fuck yeah a drum synth machine


Strange - I’m totally seeing $299 USD (free shipping too!) in my cart… as I debate… :sweat_smile: Ah - maybe you have to login / enter your location information. If I recall correctly, elektron usually have direct sales for a short time as the units get out to the various vendors.

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Its 6 tracks with 6 available machines. The tracks aren’t locked to a machine so you could use the same machine on every track which is cool. It looks like all of the machines are mono.


Ah shhhhht, no chorus effect on this box . Would have been nice!

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where’s that compressor people were saying, not seeing it in the specs.

“Im a beginner. What should I buy first?”
“Do you want to use samples or a synth?”

This is how you “bring it to the people” while looking forward. :bouquet:


ah! here I was thinking they’d be savvy enough to auto-detect my country. or, you know, use the one I have listed in my account…

edit: not sure why they weren’t using the country in my account (maybe because I added one to cart before logging in?) but re-saving my address fixed the issue.

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“Punch” is “pseudo-compression and distortion”.


Well, I impulse-bought. I’ve never ordered on drop day before – first time for everything I guess. It looks like mad fun, and the workflow is how I would use digitone anyway. Keep it streamlined and fast. This OT user is happy. I’m even thinking that it replaces both model:samples and digitone for a simple setup. I don’t mean in terms of features, obviously. The Digitone is deep and wonderful, but I have limited time these days. We’ll see who wins and stays in the setup.


Is this the first Elektron product with no filter? And I thought no ADSR was limiting enough.

maybe filter is implemented in one of those macro controls for specific machines…

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Nope, you have control over completely different sound parameters.

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An INSANE machine, congratulations, Elektron! You should not miss this video:


Gothenburg is on the west coast.

(And “Contour” provides a filter for the Chord machine.)