Model:Cycles OS 1.11 & 1.12: bug reports

I have been exploiting the delay buffer on high feedback - but the issue is that it can’t be cleared with double stop - if you have a few patterns which use different tempos or different lengths, you will soon find that the buffer from way back appears

it is great that the delay stays there, but there ought to be a way to fully clear the buffer (short of dialing the feedback down and waiting a while at 30bpm e.g.)

So it is bugging or buggy rather than a bug, more oversight, but the buffer is tricky to empty and it can lead to unwelcome results (a small chunk of earlier uncleared buffer suddenly pops up)


I do not know if it is a bug o normal behaviour; when sequencing from a external sequencer you can not mute tracks. So it does not mute sounds, just the sequencer track; right?

I noticed this but I am sure that is the case on the bigger boxes as well.

Also noticed if you change the number of pages it can throw that track out of time.


I’m pretty sure that is the case with the Digi boxes as well

I don’t think my rytm an a4 do this but could be wrong.

Edit: I’m talking about the page thing and not the mute thing…get’s confusing when you can’t see what the reply is too…

I do not if it is a bug or I just asked to much from the DSP, I was trying to modulate M:C with 4 LFOs via ableton. Just one Tone track with LFOs to color, shape, sweep and contour I did work for a while but then some notes got stucked until it just completely freezed up.

It would not respond to pads, knobs…nothing…even with LFOs disabled. starting the sequencer finally unfroze it…maybe there was just to many midi data going on? Maybe was something to do with ableton…I should have made a video, I will if it happens again

I have found a couple of midi issues, when a track is configured to send out midi notes:
1 - if played with an external keyboard, the midi notes played on the keyboard are not sent out, while the notes played on the M:C pads are.
2 - retrigs are not sent out as midi notes, just the first note is.

Should these even be considered bugs? Are there any plans to fix them?

indeed it is not a bug, just as you suggest - the MC mutes only mute the MC sequence, anything coming in via MIDI cannot be Muted by Mutes, only by volume changes or muting teh external MIDI - even the MC pads will play if a Track is muted - this is normal and consistent across devices, except that the OT does mute audio playing (rather than just the sequencer events)

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I tried again as I said two posts above and just with two LFOs from ableton to color and shape (Just one tone track) the M:C gets stuck, it did not freeze like yesterday withg 4 lfos but becomes “unresponsive”, eg when turning the sweep knob it takes sometime to respond and with a delay, same with LFO menu etc…; with 3 lfos it becomes completely unresponsive

I am using Max4live CCmap8 to assign the CC# and ableton´s LFO

I do not knob if this is normal behaviour with external midi LFOs or if either the LFO or max device has to much resolution (Too much midi data being sent?)

I would like this to work as the resulting drones are quite powerful

I had 3 lfo’s from OT on one track…no problem. I will test this again later but pretty sure I had multiple tracks set up like this with no choking or cutting out etc.

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Thanks, then most probably must be something to do with ableton, using midi via usb by the way.

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I’ll double check in a bit for you. I definitely had a few going with no issue but this was on like day 2 of having the cycles, so I check again. Besides should be way more fun to revisit this now I’m loving it!!!

It works just fine if I draw envelopes, so must be something with ableton´s LFO sending too much midi data…

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Alas, I used Ableton for a wee bit but it was never enough to lure me away from Reason. Sounds like you have a handle on whats wrong tho!

I´ll surf the web and see what I can find, otherwise I will ask ableton. Now I recall something similar happened with the volca drum…anyway, I can draw envelopes…really fun

Been testing Tensor (ipad app)

NOT using USB audio. As soon as I switch away from Tensor on my iPad, M:C stops pooping out noises…

Then magically like 5 minutes later it started again as I was just typing this…

also have run into several cases where the USB audio out of M:C just stops…

Example… I have it hooked up to ipad running AUM.
Sound just stopped.
Meters in AUM are still bouncing so audio is getting from M:C into iPad, it’s getting processed by ipad (I can even record it)
But it’s not coming back OUT of M:C

works some times, other times it just stops.

Had the same issue with M:S but returned it (for this reason) before I debugged it.

Audio Config : Int Out set to AUT. setting. ON makes sound but not via usb… Off = no sound

So it seems usb is not behaving well…

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I have not had any audio drop outs until today when I was controlling m:c from OT over midi. Exactly as you describe for using USB audio - I can see that audio is still going into my DAW but it drops from the output. If i change the audio driver in my DAW and then change it back to m:c then I get it back. I didn’t notice this on the OS1.11 but I only had one OT session for a few hours.

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Missing Trigs while Slaving MC to OT1
When I hit Play, the first trigs of the pattern randomly play or not.
Workaround: nudge all the trigs at the first step by 1.

Sorry for cursing your box! :crazy_face: