Model:Cycles OS 1.11 & 1.12: bug reports

Model:Cycles was released with firmware 1.11

Here is the manual.
Not yet any firmware to download as it’s the very first release.

You may discuss here

You encountered something weird in this new machine and want to verify if others can replicate it?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on if they have not already been confirmed below.


Realtime recording bug, record sequence in realtime, then record knob movements, trigs disappear.

Does not always happen, I need to check how to replicate it.

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NOT WORKING: You can use an external MIDI controller such as a keyboard to input NOTE and TRIG VELOCITY data when you are in GRID RECORDING mode. Just press and hold a [TRIG] key, and then play a note on the external keyboard.

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Did you try with the ext kbd on the MC auto channel ? assuming they have Auto Channel on these Model devices (step record mode obviously)


Thanks… that did the trick. !!!


So this isn’t really a bug (maybe a hardware bug) but it potentially could be fixed on the software side, I have found if releasing a trigger button slowly some times you will end up in a “sour” spot that causes the trig to rapid fire (a bit like negative edge on an arcade button). Sometimes it will just erase whatever note your just parameter locked or worse delete it and lay down a new trigger and the you will be confused on why your note changed and your parameter lock data is missing. Potentially could be fix by having the machine filter out multiple presses from a single buttons with a very short time frame. If you always remember to release buttons quick it is fine but it is a bit annoying to have it happening. Perhaps this problem will go away after a break in period.

I had a bug sighting where the retrig button “latched” unintentionally. I was messing around with retrig on and while playing the sequencer buttons it got stuck. Muting the track didn’t turn it off but hitting the retrig button again did

Something that should be corrected : The click’s volume is not loud enough, even at the highest setting. As soon as I start to play something I can barely hear it.
Anyone else can confirm ?


anybody notice the metronome being hit or miss whether or not it plays out loud?

click set to ON is sometimes not working over here. it just doesn’t do anything, and then the next power up it plays as expected.

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Had a couple of random power offs, anyone else had this?

Nope. Are you sure you assembled the PSU totally right?

Yes, it has been fine but happened twice today, I wonder if the jack may have been loose or if it is something else. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Did the button maybe get caught under the case? This happened to me on the pattern button - pressed it on the edge an the angle was enough to jam the button under the case.

When pattern changing with OT2 as master it works fine when MC scale is on patten, but changes 16 steps late when on track. Mentioned previously in a MS MC sync thread. Already reported.


lol. this actually was the hardest PSU to put together.

i haven’t had this happen.

i’m with you on this one. mine seems to not work at all sometimes.

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I played with the delay feedback yesterday, and it seems there’s a limited implemented to avoid everything to get too wild and ears to bleed. But it destroys even the fiercest kick, of course.
I guess it’s the same with the click (right @Ess?)

I found gain staging not that easy. Mostly bra cause I love the distorsion a bit too much and crank everything to 11 ^^

Me too :rofl:

I had two with a battery pack, I do not know if may be due to dc plug being to sensittive to movement though, as both the usb and dc plug were all the way in

I have had the stuck in mute mode issue which requires a tap on function to return to normal. Unsure which key presses preceded this

Also noticed ERR on the screen where the previous 3sec returnable value is typed, may be expected behaviour

Possibly noticed that some exotic characters don’t render on display

Does alphabetical (aot chrono) patch sorting count as a bug if it slightly bugs you :wink:

Same here.
Still got to trace it more precisely, it seemed to me it was on the Decay parameter but I might be wrong.

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