Model:Cycles keeping organized

I have setup patterns with kits for each of my songs. Works fine so far, but after a performance I am struggling to keep my kits unaffected of the tweaks I do to the pattern/kit. What´s your strategy to avoid the saving of the performance tweaks to the patterns?

Do I have to save the project before the performance and reload it afterwards every time?

That´s what I do btw.


I don’t have M.C but saving project before performance and reloading it on the next live is what I do with my other Elektron machines.


Does the M:C have a project lock toggle that you can flip on prior to performing? That’s what I use for my DT…

No, it doesn´t and I think it does an autosave when powering down.

is there a way to copy/clone entire bank/project?

to copy a project just open it and save it in a new slot / with a new name…

for banks, i dont know, but patterns can be copied pretty fast, so do it 16 times?

there is no project manager like in the bigger boxes

also i think this is a question, that can not be answered exclusively by ess… :slight_smile:


thank you nionmu :slightly_smiling_face:

I moved the question to what seemed a more appropriate topic ^^

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