Modal CRAFTsynth


I paid the same price as someone who orders from a shop so the only benefit was that I got it a couple of days early and a free tshirt I doubt I’ll ever wear.

Actually, the case only comes with the Kickstarter orders, so you got that advantage over buying it retail. I have the Skulpt and I really like the fact that the case came with it as standard, so from my point of view (as someone who didn’t back the Kickstarter) it’s a pity they didn’t do it with the Craft 2.0 too.


I noticed that too when I first played with it and so ended up using the app with it which offset the annoyance a fair bit. Don’t know how in-depth I’d want to get into sound design without the app. Fine for light or live tweaking… you’re absolutely right about Skulpt. Never felt the need to use the app with it as it’s so intuitive.

I find mines to be smooth enough… no jumping of sound. Do agree about the knobs, they feel just a bit too smooth.

Ah right, didn’t realise that. In which case I’ll retract those comments as the case is really nice and definitely makes me feel more confident about chucking it in a backpack. Which I did on Friday for some beer and jamming at my pal’s…


the knobs are a regular D-shaft affair, so you can replace them with chromacaps encoders, for example. Guessing they will sit a lil high on the craft as they do on the SKULPT though. But certainly an improvement in handling feel IMO.

Not sure I’m going to upgrade the encoder caps this time though. The UI would still be unwieldy. Maybe I’ll just relegate the craft into a “preset rompler” duty and leave the controls alone… However, OT MIDI control via CC will undoubtedly be a thing!