Modal CRAFTsynth


Well, I caved under the pressure of imminent ending of the kickstarter plus the stretch goal achieved. I couldn’t resist the price. Let’s hope it’s fun and engaging.

edit: nevermind, realized I should keep downsizing / learning the gear I have vs. picking up a new item, despite the coolness of it. Maybe I have a record for fastest pledging / de-pledging to a kickstarter?!


I joined and supported this 21 minutes before it ended…


I had meant to bump this thread to try to help it get over the line for the stretch goal but as it is, that didn’t matter. I’m pretty excited for this, as I mentioned before the Skulpt is a cracking synth and this has plenty of interesting ideas with the various wavetables and oscillator mods. But it seems to have been a bit more low-key this time for Modal which surprised me.