Modal CRAFTsynth


Well, I caved under the pressure of imminent ending of the kickstarter plus the stretch goal achieved. I couldn’t resist the price. Let’s hope it’s fun and engaging.

edit: nevermind, realized I should keep downsizing / learning the gear I have vs. picking up a new item, despite the coolness of it. Maybe I have a record for fastest pledging / de-pledging to a kickstarter?!


I joined and supported this 21 minutes before it ended…


I had meant to bump this thread to try to help it get over the line for the stretch goal but as it is, that didn’t matter. I’m pretty excited for this, as I mentioned before the Skulpt is a cracking synth and this has plenty of interesting ideas with the various wavetables and oscillator mods. But it seems to have been a bit more low-key this time for Modal which surprised me.


Just been reading the latest Kickstarter update from Modal on this one… seems things have been quiet due to the Chinese new year and NAMM. Anyway, the thing that particularly piqued my interest is that they included a list of the full set of oscillator modifier that can be applied to all the wavetables on it. I’m definitely getting excited about just how flexible and interesting this might get.


Seeing how the original Craftsynth is one of my fav synth, this one is high on my want list (or maybe a sculpt instead). Anyone got a Craftsynth 2 already?
Is it pretty much a voice of the Skulpt?


I have the original craftsynth sitting on a shelf if anyone is interested?


last update from Modal suggested Craftsynth2 shipping Apr 2019


Guess my coins are safe for a bit longer then…


The April batch is for Kickstarter backers, after that it will be available for sale via dealers, so your money will be safe for a little longer…


A little sample video of the CRAFTsynth V2 from Superbooth by futuremusic-es.


I supported this…but i now realized that i dont want it any longer. Guess there will be in the near future a brandnew Craft 2.0 up for sale Here…


If youre in the EU, PM me anytime!