Modal CRAFTsynth



Modal Electronics is delighted to announce Modal CRAFTsynth - we believe the World’s first no soldering, self assembly, monophonic USB or battery powered synthesiser with full MIDI support through a Class Compliant USB port. Assembled in less than 10 minutes, with no tools or specialist knowledge required (not suitable for under 13 years of age), CRAFTsynth brings real synthesiser performance to a new price point and an entirely new audience of synth players.
Modal CRAFTsynth specification:

  • Monophonic DSP based self assembly synthesiser, requires no soldering or electronics skills, tools or knowledge
  • Eight front panel potentiometers for editing control, with two pages of editing functionality
  • 2 oscillators per voice
    o sine, tri, saw, pwm, noise plus FM (OSC2 modulates pitch of OSC1)
    o detune and fine detune for OSC2
  • Mixer stage for OSC levels
  • Unison / spread mode that splits the oscillators into four separate sub oscillators per oscillator
    o giving a total of eight oscillators, de-tunable for a HUGE sound
  • LFO with six destinations
    o VCA amplitude
    o filter cutoff
    o FM amount
    o OSC mix
    o PWM amount
    o pitch / frequency
  • Four LFO wave forms, each invertible
    o Sine, tri, saw, square
  • LFO auto syncs to MIDI clock if present
  • Resonant low pass filter
  • 16 recallable EG presets for ease of use
    o Soon to be released, CRAFTapp will provide full editing control of EG’s for custom envelopes which can be stored within a patch
  • 16 patch storage locations (manageable through Modal CRAFTapp)
  • Playable touch panel interface with five note keys plus controls for scale and glide time
    o Scale changes between major, minor, diatonic and blues
  • Delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive, not bit crushing) effects
  • Headphone and line output
  • Class Compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer or tablet
  • Powered by USB or optional AA battery pack
  • Modal CRAFTapp for iOS*, Macintosh and PC coming end of 2016 (subject to Apple AppStore conditions), Android support planned for Q1 2017.
    Due to ship mid-December 2016, MSRP UK £79.99 including VAT, projected US and Euro pricing TBA


Way cool.


I had a demo of one today and it sounded good , just ordered one. Seemed very powerful for the £££


How they can have FM on this little thing and bigger Modal 001/002 without is crazy?
Been waiting for an FM update on these two, but doesn’t look like it will happen. Yeah they have wavetables which can get you into quite diverse digital tones, but a digital synth without FM is just silly.
This little thing could sound pretty cool


Interesting design :aw: those are strange looking potentiometers


Looks like Lego’s dark years during the cyberpunk '90s.


Sound demo:

No brainer to me, those nasty bits :smiley:


sounds great. May grab one
Always wanted a modal. Save a couple of grand now haha


haha Totally. Must buy it now.


its tiny!!!


It’s so cute and cuddly


Ty Unwin, said Modal plan on doing a bit of a range of stuff ala the POs and Volca. Neat with the USB port and iphone/android support.
Someone just needs to bring out a monster Sync box with USB, Midi and CV to link all this stuff up.


And what he said about the sound quality compared with PO got me attention.

But i am also looking forward to the Modal Eurorack modules.


Anyone remember it’s grandfather Zira with 48 digital waves, monster sub and analogue filter…?


So whatever happened to the Modal Eurorack series?

They dropped the ‘Eurorack’ from their ‘Product’ list on their web-site, but the link above is still live. As far as i know they never sold any. I’m like you Noiselab, i was really looking forward to buying all four of these, the two synths and the two filters.

I guess they will have a more finished follow-on to the CRAFTsynth. I really hope the Eurorack products aren’t completely dead though.


I spoke to them about the ‘Eurorack’ modules on SuperBooth 17. Basicly they cancelled “Eurorack”. The reason was that their dealer network was not interested… They have the impression it will only sell at the first wave release and after that sales going dead… They only want mass products that sell a lot??? So weird they say that with those high end poly synths.

I was really interested in the ‘Eurorack’ but also in for the polysynths. But after this conversation and the stories i’ve read of bugs in the 002/008 on Dutch Synthforum i lost my interest in modal.


Sounds like they ran out of cash to me.


I would have thought they would be appealing to more ‘mass market’ by going into Euro, much more so than their current boutique synth line?
I agree that more likely they are maybe in financial trouble.
Hope not. Great forward thinking company.
I had a modal 001 for a while, it was quite a good product, but had major stability issues, and considering the price I was disappointed overall.
With the prices they are charging they need to tighten up the software driving their synths, but this all costs a lot of money I presume, and must be hard for a small company like Modal.


Good update, thank you NoiseLab.

Cancelled or more hopefully postponed. It looks like they did a fair amount of engineering work on the Eurorack projects already and that that engineering work will stay alive for quite a while yet. So the cost of completing these products may justify the income they could generate. At this point if they are in a financial crunch, you can set aside previous costs as water under the bridge, and need only look at cost return going forward. If i was in charge i would look very closely at the economics of producing just one of these three, and using it as a market test and as a pioneer product for the other three, longer term.

I still think the Modal Eurorack products would be great to make music with.

[details=More excruciating detail]It does look like the arc of venture capital funding. (I’ve lived this in addition to observing it.) You need a large flashy project to start out with to attract the investments. Often times this flies over the market demand for a profitable product, so then to turn a profit you pair back trying to make less expensive salable products, and you overshoot in the other direction – the CRAFTsynth. The CRAFTsynth was developed almost entirely outside Modal, and they ‘bought’ the project and the engineer, and grafted it to their product line. It was developed by someone who initially thought he could fund it himself, hence the bare bones approach. Not necessarily a great product mix, imo.

Actually if Modal is facing financial difficulties, i think they have a good chance of survival, although perhaps not with their present executives, sad to say. (This also from experience and observation.) Software difficulties are par for the course with projects as ambitious as the 008 and 002, and usually solvable given some financial breathing time. Their basic engineering and product design is sound. They may just need to do a cost reduction. (Been there done that.)

As long as the vultures don’t pull the plug first. (Been there done that.)

On the other hand Modal may be much more financially stable.[/details]


new craft rhythm machine announced

does some nice things to samples too.
and people doing youtube vids that pronounce the name of the synth properly wont annoy me.
they always seem so smug (unless theyre swedish of course).
and i cant pronounce it properly …