Mod Dwarf


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I’ve been tempted since they’re in stock. I already have Zoia so I’m gonna hold off. Looks cool though.


I’m embarrassed to say I have a mod duo x thats been in box it shipped in since the day they came out :grimacing:


So, is it a smaller Duo X? Or there are more possibilities?

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For my part, I prefer dedicated pedals with not so much options. I once tried a Beebo but didn’t like the Touchscreen and the fact that it does too many things.


…yup, i also think, the idea is a good one, but pretty overwhelming…

but mod devices deserves more attention…they’re doing a good job…

and datalines girlfriend is in charge for public relations and stuff in this company…

so, let’s be supportive, goys and birls… :wink:


I recently picked up the prophet 10 which I love but I’m feeling the LFO pains. I want more control.

One thing I’m considering is the mod duo to pir with it. Hopefully I can put presets so changing one on the prophet changes the duo.

Then I want to code a midi lfo and a midi env follower and mix that in. Then I get a fully dedicated mutation device for my gorg synth

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Dwarf is a nice change to all the mini and micro version names going around.

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I just saw this video, as the mod dwarf is capable of abelton live link, it should link with mpc one, so when this is used together with a dj mixer, and it has a multi looper build in + fx chains, this sounds like a great multi fx box, which is adjustable to very specific needs. 8 ms latency though, i dont know if that matters, when its compensated via abelton link.
For what i have seen, it would be possible to chain these looper, or run these in parallel, so one could also add fx to these loops, or create alternative versions of them, switching with a foot pedal. This looks very usefull. The looper is also midi synchable, if these loop start point could run from a midi start stop button from the mpc (just a midi program used to control this device, i think that could be a very inspiring setup.)

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I once owned a Duo X. For me it was a pinta to make the chains. I totally got lost doing it that I had no time left using it. I sold it, no one wanted it. Bought it in pre-sale for 750€ sold it for 560€. Worst buy ever. But that’s just my humble opinion.


Yes i totally see that risk, its very work intensive as it looks from the video.

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I think it can be wildly useful but there are going to be a few boring modes. You create a couple of basic patches you can tweak with some midi controller. Great. Use that for a quick play.

Then you create patches that are a part of your general sound design time and can be epic and wild and different.

Could you comment on reverbs quality ? Is there something like the valhalla vibe to it?

I wonder….if this was made by Moog would it be called the Mod Little People. :slight_smile:

I haven’t actually opened it yet lol. My thoughts are theory from my plans

I just got one - mostly to use as a programmable FX send/ return from a mixer, but it’s also fun to plug in a midi controller and use the synths through the plug-in fx and stuff

If someone is interested in EU or UK, I am selling my kickstarter full version. Mint.
So much time have flowed since 03/2020 and the delivery in 07.2021, I am no more on this type of device.
It is certainly the next step in effects/instruments based on open source LV2, but it implies a huge modeling time investment.

New Guitar Synth collection:

Looks like the synths are designed to respond to monophonic playing from the guitar, although the collection does include chord presets/patches - play one note on one string, hear a chord come out.

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