So hey guys!

I am seriously considering buying the AH. So now I have to decide between MKI and MKII

So i’ve done some research, and if i’m right the only difference is the screen and some minor upgrades to the circuitry. On the downside, there’s nog overbridge for MK2 yet. On the other side, I read that overbridge on the MKI doesn’t work so good (latency, disconnecting etc).

Important questions for me:

  1. What improvements to the circuitry are there in the MK2?
  2. What about overbridge on MKI? do you use it a lot? does it work good, and will it continue to be supported when overbridge 2.0 is out?

What would you choose now? MKI or MKII? ha or just wait and use soundtoys plugins :wink:

thanks for the tips and answers!

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