MK1 vs MK2 Sound

I am sure this has been discussed before, but I struggle to find info on it:

Is there any difference in the sound of the analog engines between the MK1 and MK2?

I am looking to buy a used MK1 and this question came up

Not according to the elektron blurb afaicr - they are identical electrically and no differences are declared, however, if anything, you’ll find threads discussing ways in which the Mk2 is not quite as consistent - it seems the Mk1 is delivering the same sonics more reliably, at least anecdotally


That’s great news!! Thanks for your reply!

From what I understand it was a problem related to his faulty unit.

The filter on the MKll is different on the negative side. And the output jacks are apparently a higher quality.

Other than that, sound wise…the same.


Where’s the discussion on the filter differences, I’d quite like to read that. Also a little curious about the output jacks, one would hope they’d be comparable or better on a premium version, but I thought the gold plated metal jacks of the og were probably better spec than the plastic ones on the MK2. I was wondering if the change in chassis material forced a change there (galvanic corrosion), but the headphone out is metal

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Well, I find the mk2 sound to be quite more well defined in the low end. Mk1 struggled to get some of the ultra low subs that I get from the mk2 on the same settings. This is my experience from playing gigs at large scale sound systems, did not notice this in the studio.

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Compared with same sound system?

And were you coming out of stereo or indi outs?

Stereo outs.
No, not the same soundsystem, so not a 100% sure. I remember being genuinely surprised, I have this performance macro where the kick goes really low, hearing it for the first time on a large sound system on the mk2, and, whoooa. Earth shattering stuff.

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EDIT: ya, after poking around i found the old vid, looks like i mixed A4 with AR.
So…just A4 had changes with DISTORTION.


Yeah, as I remembered

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There’s too many variables to give an accurate comparison if it’s two different sound systems. Maybe the second venue has a better setup for sound?


It’s more like first five venues versus the last ten. (from when I recall using that kit with the kick performance modulation). And yes, they were all different sound systems, but I was surprised all the same. Could be that the first batch of venues had bad sound…

I was so excited when I got Mk 2 for the new features and all but I much prefer the sound of Mk 1 even with same samples and settings

Maybe it’s the form factor or sentimental value or something

Got rid of the Mk2, still rocking Mk1

Also unrelated but I can’t read those damn step buttons blinking all over the place without taking a moment. And why change the awesome rectangle design ?!