Mixer solution for my homestudio

I am searching for my first mixer, I plan to connect the AR with his single outs, the A4 with single outs.
Is it necessary to use the FX from both devices to connect even the stereo out to the mixer besides the single out lines?

Besides from this two devices I have a moog subsequent 37 (mono) and a Korg minilogue XD (stereo) and it would be nice to have place for the on the mixer and also the possibility to could use an external effect device.

Any suggestions for a good mixer in good quality and enough connections?

DAW is ableton live and audio interface is a rme fireface ucx.

How much do you want to spend?
What is the purpose? do you actually want to mix your tracks on it, or is it just a utility for having everything plugged in and final mixing will be in Ableton Live?

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I want to mix direct with the mixer and not in ableton, the daw is only for recording, maybe sometimes to add a plugin on a channel.
The purpose is directly access.

Besides this I also want to have the possibility to make music without the computer.

Budget is not the main topic, I want a good solution.

Removed reverb link, as I will keep the mixer.

Hi @Magnusch! If you look for the "search " tool in the forum, you can write “mixer recommandations” and there’s a ton of posts where you can have lots of information…! Good luck!

Thanks for the offer but I only want a new one, besides this I guess the lines are
not enough for me at your one.

@alejander: Thanks, the field is very big, so I try this way but I even will have a look in the search section.

In general, what will you say - is it the better way to work with single out from the AR and A4 or is stereo out enough in your opinion?

You can look to:

-Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]
-New Tascam Mixer / Multitrack Recorder

If you want specific advice instead of looking it up yourself it would be a good start to give people at least the total channel count that you need.

I personally just take the stereo out from my AR, not individual outs, but it really depends on people s personal mixing preferences. I opt for a fairly back-to-basics techno approach.

if money is no problem than check out the new ssl mixer

super cool :slight_smile:

It should have 16(+) Line-In´s and also 2-4 stereo lines.
Mybe I will first try out a small mixer and connect my devices only stereo for a test, maybe something like the mackie 1204 or 1404 for a first impression to find out what I need.

yeah … I love my old 1604 mackie… good choice for the first time…

Thanks a lot for the Tascam Mixer Model 24 - that looks great to be honest
I will let me inform in detail in the store at the phone.

Yeah the mackie 1604 is very nice but not the quality from the old days I always read and maybe the lines are sometimes not enough.

Just would say that I don’t have neither the Tascam or the QuPac…Not easy to afford it… or to have enough space at home… But I would like a lot!! I have an old 1642vlz3 that make sometimes strange noises… but I accept it…

I am currently considering a mixer myself these days, and I will probably go with some sort of Mackie, but it is important to consider your goals. My reasons are that I want tactile control to do dubby stuff, it has to be cheap because it doesn’t earn any money and I cant justify spending more than a Mackies-worth , my music is quite lo-fi by nature AND: my music will probably never leave my room or at most go to a few friends and “share your tunes”, so I can afford compromise on audio quality. When you go from an RME/Ableton combo to a Mackie you are significantly compromising audio quality. If I was making, or wanted to make any commercial/professional Pop, Hip-Hip, House, Trance, New-Age etc. or If I needed to mix more live instruments and vocals I would either get a control surface and stay in a DAW or spend real money on a better mixer.