Minilogue XD Module


Not long since I bought the keyboard version but if they fix the clicking Multi oscillator and offer an exponential option for the envelope decays, I might need the module too. :slight_smile:


FINALLY. SubPhatty needs a desktop version as well




549 are you out of your mind? That’s a good price


Love it. Two of these with a Digitone Keys would be a brilliant setup.


Patience pays off. :smiley: I like this. Curious about a release date and price


Never mind. Looks like it’s going to $549 and comes out next month. Thanks, Google :blush:


well isn’t the keyboard version is already 550 dollars anyway?


I think it’s $699


The keyboard version is $619.99 at Sweetwater


$619 seems to be the going price at the usual online shops.

I’m still more interested in the keyboard version but it’s nice to have this module w/ polychain as an expansion option.


I would be much more interested if Korg added a few LFOs, Envelopes and a mod matrix. The custom oscillators and the three OSC architecture cries for a higher flexibility to modulate the sounds. But this is still a very nice synth which could be the „one to put in the bag“ when you play a gig with Ableton, one drummachine and one synth.


There was an XD in my local GC that I almost picked up last weekend. Glad I waited as I have 3 keybeds and really am only interested in picking up modules at this point. Thanks Korg!


But… it’s too wide to be racked ! Well, that’s a solid no for me then.


I’m very glad they made a module for this.


Plus the Minilogue XD had smaller (non-standard) sized keys anyways, so i am glad to have this.


Lol why would you want to rack something in this format in the first place? It’s clearly meant for a desktop.


i think Korg has done their homework very well


I’d love to know if this one could be poly-chained with the OG minilogue…


I love my XD as it is, but admittedly the keyboards is the weakest part of it for me