MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


Are there kits still available?


Yes, send me a PM


MegaJoystick expasion :slight_smile:

What is "Elektron magic" to you?

Congrats for all this hard work to make MD even better.
I don’t find videos about the MCLive on the net.
Have you done some videos except this one Justin ?


A lot has changed since that video.

New videos are still planned.

I am finishing up the next release of the firmware which includes some new features.

Videos are to follow.

For the time being, you can read the current manual:


Hello, guys!

I’ve just got a machinedrum (never owned it in the golden age) and found out about your amazing project.

I’ve seen links to firmwire, but what hardware do i need to create the working box?


If you wanna DIY:

Alternatively, I still have some pre-assembled units for sale.


MCL 2.30 has been released


Awesome Justin.
Look forward to installing.

Love the idea of being able to now save Machinedrum sounds.
Fast matching of volumes between patterns/kits is brilliant.
Naming Rows is also going to be a bit of a game changer,
and I am intrigued at the SDS DROP function… does that mean we can dump samples to/from the Megacommand?


The functionality is there. Right now SDS is used for sending single cycle waveforms from the Wav Designer. and receiving 1 bar ram machine records for analysis in the Loudness Page.

I haven’t created a general sample send/sample receive Page yet, but all the tools are there to do it, including a new working file browser.


Hi there,

Want to buy a pre assembled. Can’t yet PM. Do I have to wait to have functionality or can I go ahead with purchase? Cheers




Again, thank you to Justin for all your hard work. I hope you still find time to jam with your MD; you’re a talented production artist alongside your programming skills (Lacuna is a great example of that!)

While I haven’t had much time to jam with my MC (or update it to the newest firmware), I’m able to return to start some music making soon!

I wanted to check, is there anyone that is fabricating these cases I’m seeing? (looks 3D printed)

If so, I’d happily pay to get my MC situated in a home. I’m too concerned with using it in it’s current state (don’t want to break anything)


Hello guys,

I’ve just received preassebled unit from Justin (Thanks a lot!) and can’t figure out the porwer requirements.
Already asked Justin, but time difference…
Could some one share voltage and polarity of the plug?


The MegaCommand uses same power supply as the Arduino.

If you want to power it from the DC jack:
You’ll need a 9 to 12V DC (Centre pin positive) 250ma (or more) adapter.

Or it can be powered directly from the Arduino Mega’s USB port (which bypasses the power switch)


I’ve finally gotten a 3D printer.

I’ve redesigned the enclosure to fit the MegaCommand natively (without needing to trim down the MIDI ports).

I’ve also regenerated the STL mesh for 3D printing.

Just testing the final print. Will have something to show by the weekend.


Awesome Justin, I appreciate your continued support!


So say we all” – BSG75 crew

Edit: I have one question about enclosure(s), though: Expansion side ports. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to use pair of identical devices (with different firmwares flashed? whatever) to expand on controls and - more importantly for me - MIDI ports; if so - we’d need some means to physically connect that pair, preferrably securely enough. Thoughts?

Asking, because I think I’ll need those ports and/or MIDI-over-USB in not so distant future. Speaking of latter, haven’t had the time yet to really look what it’ll take code-wise; speaking of former, I do have :3lektron: TM-1, I regularly used it to sequence VCV Rack voices with :elmd:, and I like it a lot - gives negligible latency. But if all four ports on MC are occupied ( :elan: / :musical_keyboard: ), then I’m loosing at least Turbo to :computer: , and this isn’t good.


My original idea was to have the main board, and expansion boards mechanically secured by the expansion port connection. It involves designing another PCB in the shape of a bridge, the pillars of the bridge are the male pins that connect to the ports on each board.

Adding additional MIDI ports would be relatively trivial. Both expansion ports have pins exposed for an additional TX/RX UART pair on either side (one of those is shared by the USB).


MCL 2.31 Released.

This is mainly a bug fix release. Everyone should upgrade.
If you dont not know how, you can message me for assistance.

Also, most of the development work is now being tracked on GitHub in (pull requests and issues).