MegaCommand // MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive

Post 500, nice milestone for that release!

I just bought a MD MK2 UW+ so I’m going to have to get my hands on a PCB. Very exciting.

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The completed OLED enclosure (tall)

Material: Blue PLA:

Material: White PET:


Would some kind soul post/PM me the 2.31 manual in PDF? I just trashed my PC doing the Xelatex thing and am looking for a helping hand. Thx in advance.

Latest manual is always above. There is a download icon to get the pdf.


Ah brilliant. Thanks! Now onto clean up on Aisle 4.

Can i buy the complete product anywhere?

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Does the MCL provide polyrhythm functionality with MD?

Thank you

The internal sequencer tracks have independent track length.


Hey Justin, can the megacommand act as a usb midi host?

i’m looking for something to allow external midi sync of an OP-Z (sans computer) since the oplab module has been out of stock for ages…

Not natively. You need to flash the USB chip on the ArduinoMEGA board to act as a class compliant MIDI device. But it’s a bit of work.

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ok thanks, yeah it’s probably a bit more work than i am up for at the moment

I think it’s a lot more straightforward than building the whole thing. Flashing is really easy and there might be a couple of lines to change to add the USB-Midi to the software.

Ill upload the stl and the g code files later.

And Thank you justin


There’s a new a firmware release coming along soon (V2.40).

The last month was spent overhauling and optimising the low level MIDI, interrupt and sequencer code for the 8bit processor.
This has resulted in improved timing and firmware performance.

The CUE Page has been rewritten and is now a generalised Audio Routing page and works correctly.

Various bug fixes for Chain mode.

Write Mode has now been deprecated in favour of Chain Mode. This means you’ll need to merge your patterns when saving from the MD, in order to retain the MD sequencer data.


I’m just working on updating the MCL user manual for version 2.40 *.
Then i’ll drop the new firmware.

Stay tuned.


Version 2.40 is out. :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Everyone should upgrade.

MCL User manual has been updated to reflect changes in 2.40



Thank you Justin

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Hello, everyone. As usual, thanks Justin for your continuous effort and improvements! I really like filter on the Mix page and super-fast routing.

Question for the community: could you share the tunes you make using MD+MCLive? It would be awesome to hear different applications of the tool.

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I will have something to share in the next few weeks.

I’ve started working on live material again, and have the MD output sounding close to professional release quality, without external processing.

Also I’ve just finished re-coding the COPY/PASTE system.
From the SlotMenu, you will now be able to “rectangular select” multiple slots in the grid using encoders 3+4.

Copied tracks are now stored temporarily on the SD Card, and can be pasted between projects.

Because project loading is instantaneous, you could theoretically store a single song in each project grid, and switch between them as required.


The megacommand seems like a great physical platform. How hard is it to learn how to write your own programs for this? It would be awesome for DIY/hackers to be able to mess around with the platform and their machinedrums :octopus: