Midi Foot Controller Question

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the Roland fc200 with the Octatrack? If so, how? Thx

Yes no problem.
3 modes
Choose your CCs (OT fx contro)
Access to 128 Program changes (pattern changes)
Access to all midi notes (chromatic samples, sequencer control, pickups…)

You can plug swiches to change octaves, modes, additional exp pedal…

Any updates on this?

Ideally looking for a sub-100€ foot controller, nothing too fancy, only 3-4 buttons for Rec / Stop / Previous Pattern / Next Pattern.

Programmable CCs/Values ideally, of course.

Everything I can find is either way too expensive or can´t do what I need. Often… both. :wink:

OR Has anyone successfully completed an Arduino project like this and is willing to share the software for it?
From that, I guess I could reverse engineer it far enough to build my own :wink:

To be perfectly honest with you, You’re not going to get those features at that price. I looked far and wide for midi foot pedals for years. Bought a bulky FCB1010, then a POK, before I settled on the KM soft step. It’s more than most people need, but it’s the last you’ll need. I know the price is steep, but put it on your budget. Totally worth it. I have to have a foot controller since my hands are often occupied with an instrument.

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I’m actually building one for me with an arduino. I will share the code and schema of course.
Let’s keep in touch.


No problem with the usb connection? That’s what I hear as the big downside: noisy and not very sturdy.

Was thinking to get the Pacer but it’s so bulky…

Always ‘something’ with MIDI pedals :relieved:

I’ve never had an issue. Used it for 5+ years. It’s totally well built. Not “sturdy” in “stiff” terms, but it’s a good build. Has a little flex, but is lightweight, and super flat. Very packable.

I’ve never heard it make a sound without attaching it to a synth. :laughing: …not sure what the “noisy” comment is about. First I’ve heard anyone say anything. I use the KM usb midi breakout box with it as well.


If you’re handy, you can build whatever you need with an Axoloti. Buttons and knobs to midi is very easy to patch, no direct coding required.

(It can also be so many other things) :wink:

theres also an app for Mac called “ifcb pro” that makes programming the FCB a lot easier. I haven’t used mine in a while, but IIRC I had it sending a note and a CC on the same pedal.
This wasn’t a problem with my Minitaur, but when I plugged into Ableton it made things very exciting and difficult.

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BAM foUnd it

The usb causing hum in live situations.

There is an issue with the pedal & hiss, its caused by the lights. This has been confirmed by KMI & they suggest to turn the lights off in the settings menu. It’s only really noticeable when using hi gain amp sims, when your not playing you can hear the hiss.

The backlighting buzz problem has gone, since they’ve replaced the electro-luminescence setup with LEDs. It took 4 years to actually address this design blunder (it’s pretty much aimed at guitarists after all!), but they’ve done it. Thanks for that guys, after all those denials…!

From: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-and-electronic-music-production/916974-kmi-softstep-2-now-worth-buying.html

Nevermind :wink:

Yes, I would love that - thank you!

As of right now, the DIY route seems to be the most effective in terms of cost and functionality.

I´m okay with a soldering iron and I know how to mount footswitches to a case, also have played around with an Arduino before - I think I can manage if I get some pointers or a good starting point.


wait, the FCB1010 can be programmed to send more than 2 CCs per bank?

from what I read in its manual, it only has 2 “CNT” (must be fun for UK people to have that on their pedalboard) available?

is that with the standard firmware or with one of those UnO firmwares I read about for the FCB?

Oh wow! I’m a sax player with a balanced rig… so that might explain my complete lack of awareness… I’ll stand over here with my “true-for-me.”

Good to know!

I don’t know about stacking CCs… like I said it’s been a while, and (since we’re continuing the convo) I only plugged 5 notes into it :slight_smile: and that was all I needed.

Fcbpro uses the standard firmware.

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With UNO, I think it is 5 CCs. Much better. Sold.

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I´ll look into it, though the FCB might simply end up being too big.
Thanks for chiming in :wink:

(love your modular demo videos, by the way - any chance we´ll get another run of the Great Destroyer modules?)

Yes there’s an excellent chance of that. Pretty sure we just need to make the time!

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That is awesome news, thanks.
Wouldn´t mind DIY, but I´d gladly take a quality-controlled “factory” built one as well :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a prototype i worked on a while ago as we were discussing about MIDI pedals for the OT on the IRC channel


pretty basic in terms of functionality, would just send out predefined MIDI data to control few actions on the OT (i think it mostly had to do with pickup machines at the time)
i came across this other thread again so i’m thinking there might still be the need for something small, maybe configurable and dedicated, compared to a bigger pedal which could/would probably cost a bit more as well. the solutions mentioned above do offer more flexibility but i would personally prefer something that would just do what’s needed without having to spend much time on setting things up and the like…maybe time to revisit this old project? :slight_smile: