Midi controllers that can be configured standalone?


I’m wanting a midi controller that isn’t dependent on a computer to edit the controls, so far can’t seem to find anything suitable.

What I want is something with various setup memories, no keys needed, 8 or 16 buttons, pads, faders, knobs and a screen to facilitate easy programming.

The reasons I don’t want to edit using a computer is because I don’t have one my setup and it is a ball ache going back and forth testing a setup only to find it needs editing etc.

Any recommendations worth looking at?


Novation remote sl series i think would work
I’ve been eyeing them for a minute but haven’t used them before.


Faderfox controllers are great. Sorrily they have no pads.


I know you’re not looking for keys but the Akai MPK249 would check all of the other boxes. Everything is programmed on the device and is stored in multiple profiles so you can do setups based on different gear configurations. Knobs, sliders, buttons, nice keys, decent pads (not quite flagship Akai pads but nice), decent arp with latch. Only supports MIDI though, not NRPN IIRC.


It’s a bit old skool but you could try to find a Kenton Control Freak or the Peavey PC1600x (I think!?). They’ll support cc as well as sysex which is handy if you’ve got, or plan to get, any older 80’s gear. If you don’t need sysex I’d go for the Novation Remote Zero as mentioned. Keep meaning to pick one up myself.

Edit. The Zero does sysex too. It’s the MK III that’s dropped sysex support.


@tnussb thanks for reminding me of faderfox, the UC4 was something I looked into for OT usage before.


+1 for the Novation remote sl series.


Can definitely recommend the Faderfox UC4, very compact, nice build quality and very configurable.


iPad wise I’d recommend midi designer pro , it’s very configurable though obviously it’s touch screen.
You can do much more than tweaking an encoder midi cc 0-127 .

Also the old behringer are configurable without a computer , but no pads. I’m unsure how their more modern range work but the bcr/bcf can be found £50-100 each , both midi and usb.


The old Akai MPD 26 or 32. Rock solid. So good Im going back to one after years of frustration with modern gear.


I have been interested in the UC4 for some time.


Korg padkontrol
No sliders but covers most of your bases + XY pad


Mathias at FaderFox is a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend his gear.


old Evolution UC33e.
old CME Bitstream 3x

E-Mu Command Stations in controller mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another recommendation for faderfox here. I’ve had the UC4 for a while now., faders doing levels on the Digitakt, knobs controlling a few effects plugins and buttons for looper control.
It’s really well built, easy to program and I really like having 8 faders at the fingertips of one hand. I initially thought they might be too small but they feel great.

I also have a Sl mk2 keyboard (now semi retired). It’s really good too, plenty of MIDI ports, a bit fiddly to program, but the pads are rubbish. Practically useless for anything.
The rest of the controls feel good though.
I dont think novation have done a keyless version of the mk3 though.


+1 to Faderfox UC4
I love it - DIN MIDI, super small/lightweight, and configuring from the device is great.
I use it to control some parameters from my DT /OT set


There might be around some cheap old school BCRs from Behringer, best device made by this company so far… It is fully standalone and i used to easily map some key parameter of Monomachine with it!


Novation SLMK3, Circuit, Toraiz Squid, Squarp Pyramid


I have dual Faderfox UC4’s. The Ableton script for it works seamlessly allowing control of an additional eight tracks… or whatever combination of controls you want. Configuring it to work with other gear away from the DAW couldn’t be easier! You’ll just need the manual for quick reference.


+1 Faderfox