Midi controllers that can be configured standalone?

AKAI MPD232, no keys lots of great pads, and way better than the first version

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Using a Kenton Control Freak.
Very happy although no pads.
Multiple CCs on 1 button or slider, SysEx, CV and Gate

Was just looking at these online but sadly they were discontinued last year.

I disagree. Even with a pad upgrade (which any MPD or MPC user should do, look up corx by mpcstuff if interested) the MPD2 pad sensors are simply not as good as the old MPD sensors.

Im not sure about the MPD232, but my MPD218 needs a software editor to configure it. Whereas the old MPD are all standalone, can save tempates, full proper midi i/o, runs off usb or mains power, built like tanks, fully serviceable. The list goes on.
Cheap second hand too!

I know.
eBay is your friend :slight_smile:

Yeah the mpd232 does all that. And imo the pads are as good as the old ones. Agree to disagree then!

Nektar Panorama P4. Knobs, faders, a screen to edit and save your configurations to memory, pads (not the best ones but still useable). Midi out only and powered by USB cable. The midi assignments is real easy with the screen which is better and bigger than the novation stuff.

Oops sorry I haven’t seen no keys, the P1 then but no pads on it

Feel like I’m hogging the braintrust/clogging the forum today so please allow me one last question!

Was about to press the buy button on the Uc4 and then was offered a cme bitstream 3x for £150. Both have midi merge, which is waht I want.

If you had the choice or have experience with both, which would you choose for controlling the octatrack?