Midi clock run/stop

I’m trying to clock a sequencer from the midi clock of the RYTM. It works, but it works ALL THE TIME.

IE there’s no differentiation between the RYTM playing and not playing, the midi clock starts as soon as the machine is switched on, and never stops…

Is there a way to make RYTM’s midi clock signal start and stop with the RYTM sequencer? While I’m asking, is there a way to send a reset at the same time as stop so the sequencer starts at 1 when the RYTM next starts?

Do you have Transport Send enabled in Midi Sync?


What sequencer is slave to the RYTM?

Vermona qMI, which in turn is triggering 2 eurorack sequencers, and also sending a reset gate.

Midi spec allows the midi clock to run even when the sequencer is stopped, I’m not sure if this is not also the standard behaviour. The state only depends on the START, STOP and CONTINUE messages transmitted, and how to react on them is up to the receiver.

Does your modular setup work with other clock senders in the way you requested, like with a computer?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist… :joy:

Haha! I thought of that too when I wrote it. Nice one.

That’s a great question.

I can’t see how this would be useful, in my experience this isn’t standard.

Does your modular setup work with other clock senders in the way you requested, like with a computer?

With a computer the daw only sends midi clock when the daw is playing, when it is stopped no midi clock is transmitted.

In my hardware setup I’m using the AR as master and slaving the OT and AK without issues. The only problem I’ve encountered is with the AR slaved to the OT. For some reason it would stop playing sometimes. So I switched it around.

Sending clock when the sequencer is not running is pretty normal. The reason to do this is that for example external delay effects need the timing to keep syncing delay time to even after you’ve stopped your sequence.

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I disagree, every drum machine, daw and sequencer I’ve ever used only kicks out clock when running. Maybe it’s an elektron thing.

Yep, this is also how I understand it.

Under “Syncing Sequence Playback”:

A master stops the slave simultaneously by sending a MIDI Stop message. The master may then continue to send MIDI Clocks at the rate of its tempo, but the slave should ignore these, and not advance its “song position”. Of course, the slave may use these continuing MIDI Clocks to ascertain what the master’s tempo is at all times.

So, it’s a Midi thing. An explicit “may” and Elektron did chose to do it that way, I guess for the reason mentioned.
I remember that I sometimes encountered a situation were a change in delay speed (and pitch!!) did indeed happen after stopping the sequencer. This is sounding so bad, I can tell you!

Could be there are other solutions. But imo if some gears relies on this, it does not understand or implement Midi properly.

Yes, receiving devices should stop playing after they’ve received a Stop Message, no matter if there are still Clock Messages being sent or not.

Thanks for the explanations guys . As far as I can see this means RYTM plus eurorack is going to be tricky without using some other sort of master clock., which is a shame 'cos I really wanted RYTM to work as the master.

What sequencer module are you using? Maybe you can contact the maker and ask for a firmware update that behaves correctly?

is there no way to use the Sync 24/48 output on the RYTM instead ? Sync is a much more simple beast - stop is really ‘stop’ …so if you could convert this somehow that might work for you ?

Good idea, I’d need a module to translate Sync24/48 into volts but that’s probably the simplest way forward.