Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)


It’s funny because I’m actually downsizing my 12U to a cool 3U :smiley:

I kept the 12U though, along with the spare modules. The 3U helps me to stay focused.


Merry christmas everyone!

I received as well money (well me and my wife) and we decided to use it in our working/guest room.

She for working at home and me to have a bigger space for my studio. Win-win…and in case we have musical guests we can jam all night long (sadly on :headphones: while the kids sleep).


i got a big tv to use as a monitor.

No more little Ableton. Now I have BIG ABLETON!


What this acusat thing??


I’ve bought the Octatrack MK2 and the analog four MK2 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Emergency locator beacon.
If you’re all alone, lost in the wild, and you run out of beer, the closest rescue or defence force will come to your aide.


My wife and I gifted each other a Pax 3, and I don’t think we can ever go back. :wink:


A new snare drum and new heads for my kit
KMI Boppad
POs 33 and 35

Animoog on sale! (finally)


Got myself a Novation Bass Station II. Wife chipped in and I saved some money + sold my Motu Micro Lite for the purchase. Love it so far! Plus I got these sweet LEDs (nexLux) pretty cool having some mood lighting now


Ok i checked it, im often alone in the wild and dont really understand how it works, not technically, but more in the information circuit. Is iit a private vorp which relay help to local service? pretty sure if i go to french firemen, no one know it… will check this on another place


I got an Erica Synths system and custom case.

I also got Izotope Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 which I’m very impressed with.


Is the Erica Synth system cheaper than the Roland System 500? :christmas_tree:


I don’t know. The modules, custom case and power came to about £1700


Couldn’t hold off any longer, so picked up a Digitakt. It’s only a matter of time before there will be a Digitone sitting next to it !


Treated myself to a Digitakt, wife got me Secrets of Dance Music Production by Attack , daughter got me Haynes synth kit and g force top trumps synthesisers 2 !!!


This looks good!!!


I got a sausage dog style draft excluder for the front door of my new house which is both thermally efficient, cute looking, and nostalgic for when I was a wee guy growing up. I also got a season ticket for the the 19/20 season for Auchinleck Talbot… I’m guessing that semi-professional fitbaw in rural Scotland is perhaps niche for Elektronauts so here are some highlights from Saturdays clash with our local rivals Cumnock Juniors - - tho the first 5 mins of the highlights are pretty grim before we scored 3 in the last 15 of the game to secure victory…

More Elektronauts-friendly was a little bit of money that I’ve put towards a smaller Eurorack case - I’d rather have something more focused and less all-things-to-all-people.


Basically, once you have it you register it with your details via GME (the manufacturer), and if you ever use it, it automatically alerts the closest response service, anywhere on earth.
I know for a fact it’ll work in France.

I don’t know how far under snow it will work, if at all. Or if I fall down a tree hole… again.


Polyend Dreadbox Medusa. Love it!!!


Brian eno - music for installations 9lp