Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)


A calabash with bombilla for a nice yerba mate tea and two books :slight_smile:


All that I got for xmas was a virtual invisible lump of coal. In other words, NOTHING!

Well then again I don’t celebrate the pagan day and nobody really does in my family for past 20 years. I did enjoy a nice holiday meal of prime rib cooked by my folks so that was all good. At least I avoided debt since I bought nothing and received nothing.


no it is quite a bit more expensive like everything that comes out of Europe these days due to USD/Euro exchange rate.


I kind of want an OP1 for when I travel for long periods but other than that, they’ve never really appealed to me either.


Yeah, i guess the OP1 and OP-Z are very nice for traveling because of the size and build in battery, but for normal all day use, they are to fiddly for me. I like and had some of the Pocket Operators, but sold them afterwards. I simply like bigger devices more, like my Octatrack, with proper audio and midi connections. I guess the TE devices are great for a lot of people, which are able to do great stuff with them. :slight_smile:


Good hint, “Der Klang der Familie” looks interesting.


I love both these books.


The ableton book seems to be a good resource to solve practical and daily music problems. It’s my first music related book beside of some music theory or technical books. I’m really interested where it will takes me.


Present to myself :smiley:


nice! yeah been saving up for some type of future eurorack system. Well maybe the new Tanzabar 2 might be cool as I want a nice drum machine synth.


This little nice thing was under the christmastree :slight_smile:


I gave myself a belated present of a Novation Peak. Loving it so far. the stand has just turned up too, so I can fit it in the spot I made for it on my desk.


Bought myself a Keystep. Zapped my last keyboard controller, and don’t always wanna break out the JP-8000 every time I wanna play some keys. Also nice to take it on the go with my Circuit/Digitakt combo.


Half a TR8-S. I also bought the sylenth vst and the other half of a TR8-S.


50 euros :slight_smile: little so I get VPS Avenger :slight_smile: