Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)


Dude, save yourself the money and buy a jump rope. I’m in the best shape of my life because of that thing. Watch some YouTube videos, it’s no joke. I also went from borderline high BP to perfect BP and perfect bloodwork.

Also, if you do get one don’t get discouraged and wear good cushioned sneakers (not old school adidas or anything, you will mess yourself up). I went from basically dying after 5 minutes to be being able to do 30+ minutes, which I now follow up with sets of pull-ups (my other favorite exercise).

I experimented with jogging but it gave me nowhere near the results.


Yea, I always thought that it would not happen to me: but then it did - and I just saw it happen and did nothing. I just did not have the energy. Time to do my body justice again and give it some regular movement.

Great advice! Thanks for that one. I used to run a lot and did some recreational 10 Miles Running. Was thinking of renting for a few months, to test. But will try jump rope for sure.


Rope jumping is great when you got the space. Our appartment here in Hamburg is quite small and not suited for that.


Just got enough amazon gift card credit. Now I just ordered the SL MKIII 61 key. Can’t wait to use it to sequence the voyager, prophet 6, drum racks.


I picked up a Dark World during their Black Friday sale. Absolutely love it, especially in combination with my Tonal Recall.


I thought about that a bit myself, I came to 2 conclusions:

  1. No screen is going to be a feature with a toddler around the house, screens are the real center of the toddler’s universe and to be avoided most parts of the day before any damage is irreversible.
  2. I am getting older 40+, my brain needs the extra memorization exercises that come along with an interface like that.

You see, if we want something, we’ll find reasons to minimize possible shortcomings :tongue:


Well, I don’t have much in terms of effects but I’m hoping to pick a Strymon big sky here shortly. Pretty blown away by the onboard effects already, especially chorus!!


Got a new pair of running shoes and new Samsung Note 9. No music gear this year.

These Merrells are fairly low profile and have a near flat drop. I don’t need padded cushion heels. I’m a barefoot runner and my legs and feet perform the function of shock absorption. Minimalist all the way. I’ll do 40 miles per week on these, mainly on concrete and asphalt, until I wear holes in the soles.


For myself: My Digitone arrived yesterday. Though Actually I got an OP-1 in May and told myself that was my Christmas present to myself and then traded that in for a Deluge before settling on this Digitone. I think I have finally found the box for me! It’s been a great two days.


Me either. I do it in the park. I was quite self-conscious at first, but have since had boxers stop and talk to me about my newly found jump rope skills. Lol.


I still didn’t get my gift from the girl yet, but I’m certain it isn’t music related. My guess would be new skateboard shoes. We agreed to not get anything major for each other and instead get something nice together for ‘us.’ So I got us a new turntable and speakers for the living room. It’s what she asked for, but I’m not complaining :slight_smile:


So, it’s interesting, whicher one is in front of the other seems bigger and taller, but it’s an illusion. The Neutron is a little wider (whatever 1u width size this is in Eurorack). But when you put one behind the other it looks bigger and fatter than the other. You’d swear they were different sizes!


Its Uli’s touch of magic


Apparently I went missing in the Japanese alps earlier this year.
Actually I just switched off my phone for a few days so I could enjoy a peaceful holiday.
Now I get these


I’m trying to be happy for you. But seeing this, I just feel neglected and empty inside. Like Santa hates me.


Echobrain Analog Delay … crunchy and dirty , the way i like it :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t this thread be in ‘Mission Briefs’? :thinking:


Merry Christmas everyone.

I guess my Digitakt I got a few weeks ago is really my gift to myself. We’ve done small scale secret Santa with the family and I got a pair of slippers which is exactly what I was after. Otherwise me and the family donate money to charity. None of us need any more crap cluttering up our houses! That said…I’m becoming dangerously curious about getting a small eurorack skiff or pod or whatever they’re called and a few modules. New Years resolution - don’t go bankrupt!


Atleast you got a water bong :rofl:


I received money, mostly, and I’ve ordered a Digitone.

For months i’d been planning on getting another Analog Heat. Then I changed my mind and was sure i’d go for a Digitakt.

I woke up this morning and the idea of getting the Digitone felt really exciting. So rather than wait for my mind to change again, I just ordered it. I feel good about that decision.

I plan on using it completely standalone. Our loft conversion is finished and I plan on sitting up there, starring out of our big new windows and just jamming.