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Hey @v-yadli & @JustinValer - what’s the right way to to submit bug reports for MCL? I can file an issue on Github, or post here if you prefer.

Github is best.



Thanks! Just added two issues on Github.

By the way, are there any plans to add the 1:2, 1:3, 2:4 etc trig conditions? If I understand correctly the current L2 corresponds to Elektron’s 2:2 condition, and L3 corresponds to 3:3 etc. I find these M:N conditions can add quite a bit of interest to a pattern.

:warning: armchair alert :warning: A cursory glance at the code makes it at least seem possible, based on how the iterations are counted currently.


Announcement: :rocket:

We’re starting a discord server to discuss all things MegaCommand // MCL and the MDX OS.

If you’re a user, builder or newcomer come and join the discussion.


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Hi. Any builders in the USA at the moment or Justin, maybe you can recommend someone. I’m interested in this immensely and of coarse think this is the one piece of gear to finish my setup. Now, I’ll be complete. Now. I always wished my MD could be more like my OT and vice versa. Thank devs

Please excuse my ignorant question but where I could get the PCB at this point of time?

Someone on the forum/discord may be able to supply you one.

Alternatively, you can order a small run (5 pcbs) from a pcb manufacturer.

Instructions are on the GitHub: GitHub - jmamma/MegaCommand_Design: MegaCommand Arduino Shield

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thanks. i was hoping i could get already made one. btw git resources are superb

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I’m making one for myself, PM if you would want me to build one for you.

I second @JustinValer here, i have used JLPCB for a lot of megacommand PCB´s and 99/100 they are flawless and i have only had one of my builds where i honestly could say it was something wrong with the PCB.

They are also cheap if you get up to a bit higher volumes. And even so if you only do 10 prints each time.

I have used them for all my megacommand builds from the start which now must be well over 70, i compared with other places but even if they have the minus points customs and being far away (China) they have a sweet way of handling the first one with a solution called europacket which helps you through customs at a much better rate.

Solid company, and i will keep using them for my MCL builds - recommended! :slight_smile:

I’d be interested as well if you are offering – any estimates on what this might cost?

Someone is building one for me already. Thanks so much for the offer. What a nice community we got here.

i recently entered the MegaCommand club via a superb build from @mbang

he responded diligently and patiently to my questions when he clearly wanted to scream “RTFM!!!” and communicated the process and timeframe accurately throughout the build and shipment.

if you’re after a solid MCL i recommend contacting him wholeheartedly.

thanks @mbang


Thank you for the kind words, and i am very happy that you like the quality of my build! Though, without people like @JustinValer and @v-yadli aswell as the skilled guys that create my cases, i wouldn´t have much to offer! I am humbled by their skills. :slight_smile:

I also try as best as possible to answer questions and keep people up to date during the build process - i would appreciate that myself, so i do to others as i would have liked to be treated!
It´s easy to scream “rtfm” but that can be counter-productive since much info is not in the manual and has been learned the hard way; through trial and error!
As i ask for the payment in advance, i have an obligation to the customer to keep them updated, and i try to do my best to get them tro trust me. At one time i got sick and also my family, recently, but when i told the people that had orders being worked on, they were VERY understanding and it warmed my heart to get all the get well-wishes and “finish the unit when you and your family gets better, no problem”. A big thank you for that!

I like to communicate and i like to help people, and the most fantastic thing is to help people making music, and by doing that they can actually in the long run make BETTER music. That´s AWESOME and makes me feel like i´m a part of it.

So, make good music with the gear you got and think of the ppl that built it for you, or sold it to you, or helped you with your beginner questions… Many of them have their heart in this, many are also complete a**holes but never mind them. :wink:

THank you, waftlord - the customers and musicians are everything and we do this for you, and for the love of music, and finally and most of all for the LOVE OF MACHINEDRUM!

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Hi everyone-

I’m in the process of building my MegaCommand - I have successfully run and passed the SRAM and button/encoder tests, but now I’m testing the MIDI ports and can’t seem to receive or send anything.

I have double checked the MIDI cables and MIDI interface and confirmed they are working with another piece of gear.

I was hoping for some guidance as to how to troubleshoot. And if I have missed any existing threads about this please forgive.

Thanks so much - I’m super excited to get this thing going!

How are you testing the MIDI ports?

The circuitry is fairly simple.

For MIDI out is just a single 220 ohm resister connected in series between the corresponding microcontroller pin and the MIDI jack. So not a lot that could be wrong.

MIDI IN passes through the opto-isolator ICs. Check the IC orientation.

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I have a MOTU MIDI Express XT connected to my PC and Ableton. I’m using the front panel MIDI ports (channel 8) to send/receive. With my Machinedrum connected, I can play sounds from the machinedrum with my keyboard, and when I play a pattern on the machinedrum I see MIDI note info lighting up on the MIDI interface (as well as in Ableton).

All I’m doing to test my MegaCommand is using the same MIDI cables that were connected to the Machinedrum, loading the MIDI in or out firmware tests in the Arduino IDE and uploading to the Arduino - The serial monitor shows nothing for the MIDI in test, and my MIDI interface shows nothing coming in for the MIDI out test.

I checked the orientation of the opto-isolator ICs and it is correct.

I tried swapping out Arduinos and got the same result (also confirmed the replacement Arduino passed the SRAM and button/encoder test) - so it’s not that.

I’m currently checking continuity of all the MIDI related connection points on the pcb using the schematics.

Is there anything else to consider? I’m also going to give the PCB a cleaning with isopropyl alcohol just to make sure there’s no residue interfering with anything.

Am I missing something obvious?

BTW I’m using Chinese Arduino clones - I’m assuming the pinouts are identical to the real thing but maybe not.

So I compared the pinout of my cheap Chinese Arduino clone to the real thing and this is what I found:

I mean - that seems pretty much the reason I’m getting nothing in or out right? Hopefully?

All the continuity testing was good - so unless the opto-isolators are just dead - I’m hoping this is it. Unless it’s just a silkscreen error. I guess I should confirm that before giving in and buying an official Arduino mega lol.

Are the second MIDI ports also not working ? Those are on RX2/TX2

I would trace the continuity between the header and the MIDI circuitry. If that is okay, then your Arduino might be bad.

If you want to debug this further, I’ll ask you create an issue on GitHub.

That way we have all troubleshooting consolidated in one place.

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