MegaCommand // MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive

Hi everybody,
I am looking to build or buy a MegaCommand. Does anyone still have boards in stock or is anyone interested in printing some as a group?

Feel free to PM me.

My last build; love the new style of plastic the 3d-printer guy found for me, sort of glittery silver-gray… and very smooth surface! :heart_eyes:


I just ordered some pcbs, more than i plan to build. My 3d printer is on the fritz so would toats be down to trade a pcb for a printed case. Also, Mouser is back ordered on a couple things so looks like ill be waiting a while for (i think mostly ics) parts.

Please try to resist the potential drift towards an informal/unofficial marketplace, it can blur the lines of what’s permissible and spill across in other threads. There is a marketplace section for selling/wanting/trading, although some of the ‘products’ being discussed do seem like they perhaps should be treated differently. It’s just a polite heads-up to be mindful there is a marketplace section (for those active users who qualify) and that the items being discussed shouldn’t creep upwards towards e.g. offering an MD.

It’s something the @Mods need to review, the line isn’t easy to define and probably needs some reconsidering to facilitate more of what is happening here organically


It’s alive!


May I ask from which webpage(s) you sourced your parts?

Well since we’re in the year of out-of-stock everywhere, I got most my parts from a vendor I haven’t used before: (I got the SRAM from RSComponents). Great shop actually, will definetively use more!

I’ve 3 unpopulated pcb’s extra if anyone needs (and I got parts for a second MCL, so might have one for sale soon. Just gotta sort out the enclosure).

Now to learn this beast!

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oh, quick q: is the latest pdf version of the help file for the 2.7, or is there a version for 3.1? Can’t seem to understand this .tex stuff and I can only find the 2.7 in pdf.

Edit: found it

“COMMUNCIATION” is a bad sign…


If anyone interested, i have lots of spare megacommand PCBs which i have checked for errors (there were none) and also cases, gimme a shout via PM if!

lol I didn’t even notice that - I was so focused on the pin labels

Looking through the sysex and undocumented sysex…
Is there a string to toggle the synth/effects/routing pages or a way to specify a perticular page? I.e. press that button?
Is this what im looking for:


Is it a toggle only? Or can specify say the routing page?

I’m documenting our latest firmware, there will be some commands to do what you’re after.

The above is toggle only.

You ever goona take that “S” off yournchest. :wink:

MCL 4.0 released.

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